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Posted by punzalan at 2020-02-18

(additional guide) from 10 / 24 (neck), Nexon OTP can also be used in maple story.

Hello. It's maple story

If the following information is confirmed in the use of OTP,

Please confirm the solution not given to you.


Both of the above phenomena can be solved in the next way.

Solution: connect (log in) the Nexon OTP serial number of the security center through the nexson Homepage

Please register the serial number of the new mobile phone after my authentication.

Re register the grain number to use OTP normally.

Thank you.

Added at 1:11 p.m. on October 24, 2019


Hello, I'm maple story

The following content was not handed over in advance on Wednesday, October 16 last year

From today on, Nexon OTP security service can also be used in maple story.

Please take advantage of Nexon OTP,

I won't go into any more detail from now on

■ what about Nexon OTP?

Nexon's dual security service

The one-time ID number issued by nexson plapp can protect the account safely.

[Nexon OTP: join and learn]

■ Nexon OTP can also use convenient security specific options.

1. Designated email PC: [to inquire]

Please register your main computer with your user name.

You can run the game directly on the computer that logs in to the designated PC for maple.

Two The second password is omitted: [to inquire]

The second password can be omitted when the game is connected.

Three Remove IP transaction restrictions: [go to inquire]

Basically, the IP and other IP connected on the maple story, in order to protect the ID, use the 5-minute transaction limit.

If you use OTP, you can choose a special option to trade directly in the game.

■ certification phase by type of OTP used and method of certification of OTP

The certification stage of OTP type used by Longshi is as follows.

■ in addition, the home page introduces my changes

1. In case of inactive conversion / cancellation, the means of personal confirmation will be changed.

-Existing: u-otp

-Change: mobile phone authentication, credit / check card authentication, mipin authentication

2. When the single product is unblocked, it can pass Nexon OTP certification.

-Existing: u-otp certification

- Change:

1) Nexon OTP and u-otp are both in use: Nexon OTP and u-otp choose to be certifiable

Can carry out ① Nexon OTP certification.

② U-otp certification is available.

③ You can move to the security center page.

2) Use one of Nexon OTP or u-otp: use OTP for authentication

① When only OTP is used: Nexon OTP certification.

If only u-otp is used: u-otp certification will be carried out.

② The security center page can be moved.

When using Nexon OTP and u-otp security services,

Please refer to the above.

Thank you.

2019-10-24 (neck) added at about 10:2am


Hello. It's maple story

Wider security services are available from October 24 (neck check)

Nexon OTP will also be reflected in maple story

[Nexon OTP security service: go to inquire]

For the following changes, refer to.

Details will be attached to the announcement on Thursday, October 24.

War of change

The u-otp's maple story can be used in the security services provided by Nexon.

After alteration

-Not only u-otp, Nexon OTP can also be used in maple story.

-The warrior who uses Nexon OTP, regardless of whether u-otp is used, has priority to use Nexon OTP certification.

*Please refer to the next example.

Details will be sent to the Bulletin after the neck check on October 24.

Thank you.