free trial and new features

Posted by barello at 2020-02-14

An Meiqi direct to the world advertising platform will use the "cloud search" and "micro advertising" technology to provide you with accurate direct search services and professional advertising planning programs.

Antsway offers a new version of anstrote software for all companies that travel daily. The changes specifically allow companies to test the meeting planning function during 14 days of free testing.

"... registration should take place on the website within two minutes. The editor explained: "tour guides and explanatory videos can be provided on the interface to facilitate the software. Three cars can book and optimize the tour. In this way, enterprises can see the achievable benefits through our solutions. "

Other innovations in this version 4.0 include adaptive and customizable interfaces, easy management of last minute additional appointments, and automatic delivery of custom notifications to customers via SMS or e-mail.