embedded frameworks within a message extension ...

Posted by barello at 2020-03-07

I'm running into a problem that I'm not quite sure how to solve. I have a stand alone message app that has a few embedded frameworks that I have written. In a normal app, those frameworks can live within the container app, and the extensions can reference them. With a message app, the dummy container app has no way to manage frameworks/linked libraries, so the message extension needs to manage them. This means the .appex now contains a framework folder within it. When attempting to upload the binary, TestFlight returns the following error: ERROR ITMS-90205: "Invalid Bundle. The bundle at '' contains disallowed nested bundles." I'm not exactly sure how to manage the frameworks in this particular heirarchy to please the TestFlight Gods and get the app processed. Has anyone successfully submitted a standalone message app with embedded frameworks? Should I file a rdar?