secwiki weekly (issue 260)

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-07

Safety technology

[meeting] this year's offensivecon conference is of good quality (download attached materials)

[meeting] bluehatil 2019 abstracts

[O & M security] cve-2019-0626 | windows DHCP Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

[web security] Drupal core - highly critical - Remote Code Execution - sa-core-2019-003

[operation and maintenance security] container escape flash hits AWS, Google cloud, Linux distrus

[vulnerability analysis] Adobe ColdFusion deserialization rce vulnerability analysis (cve-2019-7091) \654; biz = mzawnti1ndi3mq = = & mid = 2649613813 & IDX = 1 & Sn = fc1c55360efd5a1ff2e7d8ff25825f8a & scene = 21 ʋ wechat ﹐ redirect

[vulnerability analysis] PowerShell empire is exempt from Windows Defender

[web security] micro8: PHP security news 8:00 am all documents

[web security] three layer network shooting range construction & MSF intranet penetration

[forensics analysis] 7-hour emergency response to a unit's "driving life" event in a city

[vulnerability analysis] network wide screening of WinRAR Code Execution Vulnerability (cve-2018-20250)

[web security] WordPress image - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Analysis E8% BF% 9C% E7% A8% 8b% E4% BB% A3% E7% A0% 81% E6% 89% A7% E8% A1% 8C% E6% BC% 8F% E6% B4% 9E% E5% 88% 86% E6% 9E% 90/

[vulnerability analysis] WinRAR vulnerability recurrence process

[data mining] 5 top conference papers take you to know the latest research progress of knowledge map

[wireless security] pwning WPA / WPA2 networks with bettercap and the pmkid client less attack

[web security] discuz 3.4 unauthorized login vulnerability analysis

[operation and maintenance security] osquery initial knowledge

[operation and maintenance security] use osqueried monitoring system

[mobile security] etc. 2.0 key points analysis and landing implementation technology strategy

[tools] install openvashtps:// in Kali Linux 2016.2 (rolling)

[other] Research on wechat PC technology (3) - how to find the message sending interface

[web security] typora XSS to rce (above)

[web security] cve-2019-6453: rce on MIRC

[vulnerability analysis] extracting a 19 year old code execution from winrar

[other] information security awareness:

[web security] chashell: go reverse shell that communications over dns

[data mining] CNN + blstm + CTC's verification code identification from training to deployment

Analysis and utilization of the prototype pollution attack of [web security] node.js

[O & M security] port security (continuous update)

[web security] WordPress 5.0.0 exposes remote code execution

[data mining] detecting web attacks with a seq2seq autoencoder

[device security] Sanctuary - a security framework to provide a trusted environment in the TrustZone ecosystem a-1_brass_paper.pdf

[forensic analysis] TTPS & IOCS & pain pyramid xorswafvl8xe2pfuzeg

[vulnerability analysis] viewing Python format string vulnerability from two CTF instances

[web security] WordPress 5.0.0 remote code execution

[malicious analysis] tikitarch - a tool that allows arbitrary shellcode execution in any process

[web security] hacking Jenkins Part 2 - abusing meta programming for unauthenticated rce! Https://

[vulnerability analysis] make it rain with Mikrotik – tenable techblog – medium

[forensic analysis] Linux common backdoor and troubleshooting technology

[vulnerability analysis] Kerberos unconstrained delegation abuse toolkit

[web security] API Security Design Guide (continuous collection, non original)

[other] miscellaneous of Party A in white hat transformation

[forensic analysis] eyes of onion: privacy and tracking of the dark net

[vulnerability analysis] analyzing the windows LNK file attack method

[data mining] AI Security Learning: learning materials of security detection and data mining

[tools] an open source tool for anonymous file sharing using tor - onionshare 2

[other] a go language crackme analysis

[mobile security] LG device manager LHA kernel driver local privilege escalation vulnerability (cve-2019-8372)

[malicious analysis] 2018 blackmail white paper (government and enterprise chapter) DTID = 1101062514 & did = 210845178

[malicious analysis] Introduction to EDR detection persistence

[web security] HTTP security header and its working principle (I)

[web security] ypora XSS to rce (below)

[viewpoint] from the perspective of content output, we can see the change of security field

[operation and maintenance security] enterprise application fingerprint platform framework practice

[malicious analysis] malware PowerShell shellcode analysisttps:// 20powershell% 20shellcode% 20analysis.ipynb

[vulnerability analysis] memory corruption vulnerability in FaceTime texture processing (cve-2019-6224) Id = 1732

[view] the future of C-end security products

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 259)

[viewpoint] Introduction to DARPA haccs program P = 4243

[data mining] Based on the distributed deception technology, the automatic discovery technology of industrial network abnormal behavior

[web security] how to fuzz the JavaScript engine

[web security] windows firewall post exploitation with netsh

[device security] expand for cve-2018-4193

[web security] WebKit exploitation tutorial ා virtual machine

[data mining] sec "profile: analyze security information site, security trend, security worker account" profile

[vulnerability analysis] TTF font out of bounds reading vulnerability Id = 1779

[malicious analysis] proofpoint releases Q4 2018 thread report and year in reviewttps://

[web security] HTTP security header and how it works (below)

[O & M security] "relaying" Kerberos - having fun with unconstrained delegation

[vulnerability analysis] Explore deserialization in Ruby project

[vulnerability analysis] $1.000 SSRF in slack @ elberandre / 1-000-ssrf-in-slack-7737935d3884

[operation and maintenance security] how-to-secure-a-linux-server

[device security] smart device security analysis manual

[device security] how to bypass memory protection of EDR's

[web security] azure ad connect for red teamers

[device security] Research on security and privacy of intelligent GPS Tracker

[vulnerability analysis] NTFS case sensitivity on windows

[O & M security] voice workflow in basic event response

[tool] erbbysam / dnsgrep: quickly search large DNS datasets

[web security] circumvent Facebook's CSRF defense - $25000

[web security] mining and protection of SSRF vulnerability on slack website bypass

[web security] attack edge through JavaScript compiler

[device security] OSX privileged helper tool:

[mobile security] physical extraction and file system imaging of IOS 12 devices