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The Ministry of interior proposed a new three digit combination

The region's three digit code for car numbers, from 2 to 9, is recommended for installation by the Russian interior ministry.

Irina Shaykh met Bradley Cooper in a transparent grid.

Elena shack and Bradley Cooper meet at vogue Britain. The event was traditionally held after the BAFTA awards in London.

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New cross border monetary transport rules come into effect

In the countries of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), the new rules of cash cross-border transfer have come into force.

A Russian strangled a man who often watered his neighbor's house

At dinner time, the water on the ceiling began to drip, the Russians understood, and the neighbors flooded him again.

"AutoVAZ" launches new LADA largus

A batch of latest LADA largus samples were collected by "otowaz" in line B0.

Auto news day 10 / 02 / 01:

A doctor in Krasnoyarsk was fined three million rubles for helping the deserters

According to the counterintelligence, the urologist agreed to help the young man escape military service and diagnosed him with 50000 rubles of mistakes. Russian news agency reported that Tuesday, February 4, Russian news agency reported that Tuesday, February 4, Russian news agency announced that February 4 will be closed.

A woman killed her husband's unsatisfied food in Arkhangelsk

Her husband scolded her rudely for what she had done wrong. The quarrel began. The man hit his wife on the lip with his hand.

The Russian Ministry of health is preparing for the possible spread of Colorado virus

Although there is no prediction of Colorado virus development in Russia, the Ministry of health is preparing for the possible spread of the infection.

The United States began an investigation into the annayev brothers

The Ministry of transport suggests getting off with passengers who don't smell good

According to the current regulations, if "the passenger violates the travel rules on the train or during the journey", the interior staff can unload him from the train, Public order and the peace of other passengers.

Someone in the Kremlin commented on Erdogan's remarks about Crimea

On February 3, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Russian leaders, expressed his disagreement with the speech of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Crimea in the Kremlin.

Turkish army claims to "neutralize" 76 Syrian soldiers

Akar said the Turkish armed forces attacked 54 locations, neutralizing 76 Syrian troops.

The first case of coronavirus infection found in Belgium

On Tuesday morning, February 4, Belgium reported the first case of pneumonia caused by coronavirus.

The company "orimi" will rebuild the former "Diamond ant" company building

Auremi Ag will restructure the property of diamond ant, which was previously purchased through a tender, in the Viborg District of St. Petersburg.

Putin included Krasnov and chuchenko in the Russian Security Council

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed a new attorney general, Igor Krasnov, and Minister of justice, Constantine chuijenko, in the Security Council.

Lukashenko announces meeting with Putin

Belarusian president Lukashenko announced a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin later this week.

Russia's top ten quality household and portable columns

Russian quality experts evaluated 17 new column models, including "smart people", and provided suggestions on how to choose products.

Google created an alternative to Youtube

Users can now evaluate the new Google Tangi application. Similar YouTube programs have the same cover and different lifecycles.

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Bill Murray returns to groundhog day.

Bill Murray has reshaped the image of his hero Phil Connors from the movie "Groundhog Day" in the jeep Gladiator auto ad.

International media 21 February 21:46

Two people were killed in a bus accident in Voronezh

Two people died and three were hospitalized after a car collided with a truck in Voronezh, the Russian Federal Ministry of transport news agency reported.

Ruble consolidated to USD and EUR at the start of the tender

The dollar and euro fell at the opening of the Moscow exchange.

Jennifer Lopez sings about her daughter resting in the super bowl.

American singer Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emma Muniz supports her mother in the Super Bowl break.

Kia seltos cross country official offer and supporting

North Korea's budget sedan is based on a 1.6-liter 121 horsepower engine, today news reported. He started with 1.1 million rubles.

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Zaharov's response to Poland's foreign minister's comments about winning a dispute with Russia

Maria zaharova, official spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, commented on the speech of the Polish foreign minister, yatek chaptovic, on "historic victory" on the Facebook page on February 3 The argument with Russia. "

Miriya Jovovich showed a picture of her newborn daughter

Jovovich not only showed pictures of the newborn, but also described her distinctive name, admitting that she and her family had long debated how to call the girl.

Tigan Lion Garden owner arrested in Crimea

The belogorsk District Court arrested Oleg Zubkov, the owner of the Lion Garden "tegan" and the Yalta zoo "fairy tale", for violating previous coercive measures.

Yuri saiming: "will you continue the contract with me? If someone told me, my old way? the United Nations

In a large interview, Yuri saiming, the head coach of locomotive, became a guest of the editorial department. The danger is that he only gambled on his students - let's start chatting with options.

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