phallosan forte experience and test

Posted by deaguero at 2020-03-07

You've probably been looking for penis extensions or size extensions for a long time. No wonder, because the media and especially the Internet offer numerous, often questionable means and methods of penis enlargement. Most of them quickly turn out to be empty promises or even attempts at fraud. Doubtful websites sell inefficient products, while doctors praise expensive beauty operations with questionable results.

PHALLOSAN forte, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: the amazing efficacy of the vacuum strip is not only clinically tested, but also does not pose any medical risks. You wear PHALLOSAN forte simply for a few months in your everyday life, hidden under your clothes or in your sleep. Neither medication nor surgery is required: the continuous stretching of the penis reliably leads to an extension and enlargement.

PHALLOSAN forte is offered by a manufacturer with many years of experience. For more than eighteen years, they have been researching systems for natural penile elongation, the function and evaluated efficacy of which can be found in studies on the PHALLOSAN forte system.

How does PHALLOSAN forte work and why is it used?

PHALLOSAN forte is an orthopaedic device for the sustainable extension and enlargement of the penis. It is used both as a medical product and to prevent or reduce erectile dysfunction, e.g. during treatment after prostate surgery. Also in the treatment of penis abnormalities (penis spasms), physicians use PHALLOSAN forte and reported in specialist journals on the successful erection of the penis.

The PHALLOSAN Forte system has been used several times since then as an alternative to the operation of the penis spasm, with positive results. PHALLOSAN forte works essentially according to an old principle: The gentle but continuous stretching leads to an extension of the penis. Natural peoples have been using this process for a long time. There are tribes in Africa that extend the neck, lips, earlobes or penis by stretching the tissue. The constant tension causes microscopic cracks in the tissue concerned, similar to those of a muscle hangover. The body fills the cracks with new material, new cells, in the healing process, which initiates the growth process.

Using PHALLOSAN forte over a longer period of several months has a similar effect and helps to get a bigger, straight penis and an even harder erection. The process is always completely under control, comfortable and secure. Asked firmly and comfortably in a vacuum envelope, you place the penis in a stretch belt system that you can wear every day without hesitation. The system pulls the penis to the right or left with a small resistance (the tension belt can be carried in the desired direction). You adjust the traction power individually. An artificial colouring system on the belt is a helpful indication: green indicates a low voltage, yellow induces medium and red a fairly high level. Total up to three kg voltage is possible.

PHALLOSAN forte can be worn eight or more hours a day without any worries. The regularity of use is the decisive factor in the extent of success, as clinical studies confirm.

Phallosan forte range



With PHALLOSAN forte you can increase the pressure if you lose pressure. The development of the three-way valve allows you to adjust during the operation of the PHALLOSAN.


All parts are integrated and an additional pump ball or hose is not required. Significant surveys have been integrated into the suction cup so that you can adjust the pressure jealous without having to remove the bell (e.g. at night).



You can choose from three sizes (S, M and L) depending on the size of the acorn. The base set contains the sizes S, M and L.


Due to the different bell sizes, the acorn always has enough space to expand and grow. The bells are made of allergen-free material and unbreakable.



The cuff condom is made of medical silicone, as the skin can react with allergies for a longer period of time when using latex. Therefore, silicone is used for the production, which is shown not to be allergenic.


The cuff condom isn't all that. Depending on the size of the penis, PHALLOSAN forte can be used in the sizes S, M or L, which are all included in the base sketch. The cuff condom has different thicknesses. The wall of the bell is constructed thicker especially in the area of increased pressure.



The protective cap is used to protect the acorn from excessive vacuum. It consists of non-allergenic material and is extremely elastic.


The protective cap allows a quick adjustment to the recommended setting.



The clamp transfers the power of the orthopaedic clamp to the suction socket. It is equipped with a calibrated pull system.


The light system (green, yellow and red) displays the recommended setting for the belt and helps you get results even faster.

Elastic belt


The orthopaedic band consists of a non-allergenic, formaldehyde-free material. The foam offering is made of non-allergenic silicone foam.


The belt is extremely elastic and can also be worn by oversizes. Special sizes are also made on request. The non-allergenic fastening of the belt is designed to follow the body's movements without loosening.

Clinical Phallosan forte study

The PHALLOSAN forte penis extender can be effective: this was the result of a clinical study of a German urological clinic.

The average result of all test patients in the case of an increase in length in the non-upright/upright stage:

3,6 cm / 2,9 cm (six hours five days a week)

The highest result was achieved after six months in the length of the non-upright position:

4,9 cm / 4,0 cm (carrying period 9 hours 6 days a week)

All the results shown are permanent and can be increased if PHALLOSAN forte is worn for more than six months.


All patients experienced growth in length and extent. The success of patients depended heavily on the daily duration of delivery, so patients who had worn PHALLOSAN up to ten hours a day experienced the greatest increase.

All patients confirmed that PHALLOSAN could be worn painlessly for many hours. Many patients reported increased sensitivity and harder erections without premature ejaculation. After a number of treatments, patients who had undergone prostate surgery reported Diabetic patients reported increased pleasure and harder erections. A patient with an adult penis could reduce the curvature angle to 40 degrees within three months of 60.

These results are authentic, truthful and reproducible at all times. All measurements were carried out personally by a urologist in the presence of witnesses.

Painless transmission of the tensile belt is one of the key factors for the success of PHALLOSAN. The same success could scarcely be achieved in this short time by stretching the clamping device with levers or loops.

This is how a serious penis enlargement succeeds:

If you want to permanently enlarge your penis, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Security

All materials should be tested for allergy and should not cause damage. Important: no sharp edges and no latex, as it can cause allergies and injuries. Any extender that operates with a loop can cause strangulation and thus cause congestion, which can lead to an emergency operation.

2. Comfort

Every extender should be comfortable and should never hurt, because a product that hurts is not used by anyone and is a waste of money. If you can't wear an extender for more than six hours a day, it's a waste of time to reach a real extension.

Three. Study

For every man, the penis is one of the most important parts of his body! Therefore, it is important that the extender you choose has a clinical trial, as otherwise the risk of injuries and changes in sex life is increased.

Products which do not lead to any enlargement


A penis pump can cause cell damage because the vacuum is too strong in some pumps. A pump is only used for erectile dysfunction, but it cannot permanently enlarge the penis.


Penis pictures are the epitome of lies and deception! The best explanation why no pill can enlarge the penis is easy to explain: if there is a pill that promotes the cell structure and makes it grow, it must be prescribed by a doctor.

And if there is a pill that can form new cell material in a certain area of the body, then you could develop a reversal pill that could stop any cell growth of a tumor and save many lives with it. The ingredients of these pills are nothing more than food supplements!


Phallosan Forte delivers the promised results within six months of regular use and is therefore ideal for those who need a guaranteed and simple penis enlargement.

At first it may be a little unusual to wear this device, but with time you get used to the use of Phallosan Forte.

The good thing about this product is that it is recommended by doctors to treat various penis-related disorders such as ED, incubated penis, hypoplasia, etc.

So if you need a working solution to gently enlarge your penis size by a few centimeters, Phallosan Forte is exactly the right product for you.