[onls, gu glaze] the counterattack of white hat, a social worker with mental retardation lock machine virus er

Posted by tzul at 2020-03-08

Cause: just after work that day, I received my brother's message. The general content is as follows: brother, it's over. What should I do if I'm attacked by a hacker? (want to know that he is in grade 2 of primary school... Everyday is mixing all kinds of QQ games) my inner OS is like this: WTF? Are you kidding me? Whose hacker is so idle... And he should not be old enough to watch the Island movie poisoning

Because he was on his way back from work and didn't have a computer on hand, he asked @ space for help. He gave me some suggestions and promised to help me see later. (the most constructive suggestion is to beat my brother). Thank you first.

Laugh a little bit... At the beginning, why do you say it's "intelligent lock machine virus", because when I tried to communicate with my brother, he didn't return it.. after a while, I called home, "why don't you return my information? What's the matter with the computer?" "I'm playing a game. 360 pops up a button to clear the malware. I click it and it's gone. It should be ok..."... Mad is mentally retarded... Emotion is a crappy thing

The poisoning is over, but as a love affair

Let's start the analysis:

1. The QQ rating is relatively high. It may be a large size. The age of the data shows 16. Judging from the conversation just now, the language is still very immature, which is indeed possible.

2. Then I took the QQ number to the social workers' Library and ran a wave. There was no information (embarrassment). There were more than 860 QQ spaces to talk about, one by one. I found one that said, "I'm lovelorn, I'll never get on QQ. I'll call: 183xxx0232". Baidu's next place is Jieyang, Guangdong.

3. then use Alipay to transfer accounts to see names, but find that the real name is not here. This is even more judgmental as a minor. Then there is a positioning dynamic in the space. The address is: XX middle school in Jieyang, judging that he may be the student of this school. After that, all kinds of social workers' Library searched for nothing.

4. Take the small size, change the gender to female, and fill in the address: Jieyang, Guangdong; fill in the school: Jieyang XX middle school; pass on two pictures of female students in the album. After that, try to add him (he has changed his network name now, and the space is not accessible. The following figure is just cut, so it is different from the previous one):

... warm man, he also taught me to buy less books, and later he wanted to tease me... But for the basic outline of this man has been outlined, he will not talk with him, or I am afraid I will spit it out

Here is the message:

Then I searched the website of that middle school:

CMS fingerprint is dedecms. Check the following version:

Hahaha, next is Showtime, Duan ~:

It doesn't matter what the authority is. My purpose is not here. It's OK to get the authority of background release. I was going to directly send a notice of criticism (of course, I'll delete it in seconds, just screenshots to scare him). Then I used the phishing positioning technology to get his location information, and told him that it was the satellite positioning of the investigation agency. I suspected that he was suspected of network transmission virus, which would scare the urine.

The publishing authority has been obtained. Now we need to get his location information. Here we refer to the article of @ Feng at the fingertips: HTML? From = hot5 his package fishing code doesn't have magic money. I can't get it. I tested his public code. The front and back end of the code were all sent to my own server. I found that in my Samsung mobile phone's self It will not pop up in the browser to ask if it is allowed to obtain location information. It will not pop up in QQ. I tried apple, too. But I can pop up the query normally when I open it directly with Firefox, QQ browser and wechat. After giving the permission, I can pop up the longitude and latitude correctly (my test is very accurate, which is already accurate to my office building). I don't know the specific reason, and @ wind Fingertips I can't receive and create the latitude and longitude file on the server in my test. I have given 777 permission. I don't know why (and I saw the same problem in the comment area). Moreover, after his front-end code automatically submits the form, it will jump to the back-end address, so fishing is definitely not good. I think it should be It is better to create a hidden iframe in which to create form submission or direct Ajax submission. Asked in the group, no one came back, it seems that my handsome (CAI) force still depends on myself. I don't know much about PHP, so I don't know how to deal with and save the data sent from the foreground in the background. There is only a conversion idea. I decided to use the XSS platform to receive messages, create the JS sending longitude and latitude into an XSS project, and then put the code in my front-end file, so that I can directly see the longitude and latitude sent in the XSS project. So I don't need back-end files on my server,

[JavaScript] plain text view copy code

Oneself, already wechat sends friend an Zhuo machine to test next success.

As mentioned earlier, he has submitted his resume for part-time job in the market, so here I wrote a fishing page disguised as the recruitment information of 58 waiters in Jieyang, the same city. I am going to send the fishing to him in that trumpet, and then ~ hehehehehehehe,

Welcome to add friends exchange, I am handsome forced onls Gu glaze, you do.