secwiki weekly (277)

Posted by fierce at 2020-03-08
Secwiki weekly (277)

Safety information

[point of view] current situation and strategic analysis of listed network security companies q8na

[regulations] regulations on network security vulnerability management (Draft for comments)

[news] SSH adds the function of resisting edge channel attack Sid = 61080

[news] Argentina national blackout qlspjugsc3iaqb2nmmw

Safety technology

[programming technology] CVE vulnerability information crawlingmining/tree/master/crawl

[programming technology] Python craftsman

[web security] details of setting up intranet penetration environment

[device security] actual battle of badusb attack based on attiny 85 development board

[web security] cobaltstrike + Metasploit actual combat linkage

[book] osint tools and resources handbook

[web security] self service security scanning and code audit system architecture practice

[data mining] analysis report of safety and other protection projects in Hainan Province in 2019 Id = 95d414b2cff40648378a672cad4e910

[operation and maintenance security] IDC security: distributed HIDS cluster architecture design

[web security] f-nascan-plus security service asset collection

[device security] D-Link router hnap protocol series vulnerability disclosure

[forensic analysis] gscan: automatic and comprehensive detection of checklist on the host side of Linux

[web security] guess of social engineering case based on attack and defense drill

[view] details of Gartner's top ten security projects in 2019 z9onotruqnvtkf1l w

[web security] subdomain takeover via ngrok service

[forensic analysis] record the strange events found in an emergency

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 276)

[malicious analysis] a remote access tool using slack as a C2 channel

[malicious analysis] getting started with ATT & CK: detection and analytics

[forensic analysis] evolving Sysmon DNS monitoring

[vulnerability analysis] WhatsApp buffer overflow vulnerability analysis

[forensic analysis] an OSI NT investigation based on the GAO report on tracking bitcoin gun sales on the dark net

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