open estee lauder is committed to cultivating happy enterprises and excellent talents

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-08

What's a "happy company"? A questionnaire survey of "companies that want to work" conducted by college students shows that the conditions for a happy company are "companies that can grow by themselves". This is also why many people who are ready for employment like large enterprises with a systematic education and welfare system.

In order to keep growing, it is necessary for small and medium-sized enterprises to cultivate talents, but the practical difficulties such as cost are accompanied. In addition, the working period of small and medium-sized enterprises is only 1 / 4 of that of large enterprises, 2.4 years, which has a great burden on the investment in training talents.

However, under this understanding, there is a small and medium-sized enterprise which is no less than the excellent talent training system of large enterprises, which attracts people's attention. The "open" aisian (representative director Pei Futai, ww. Opensns) that provides integrated information technology solution services is there. Especially at the Seoul SME conference held on June 4, Li BingDao, director of the open SNS, who was praised by the director of the Ministry of industry as a model worker, was a model example of the company's talent training system.

After 12 years of working in the open Estee Lauder, he successfully established the national law and order information center of the legal department, the law and order information system for the demanders, the national legislative support cause, and the beneficiary center personalized service of the Ministry of administrative autonomy. He also received such achievements, and was praised by the labor model this time. Since joining the society, he has won four government awards.

Director Li BingDao not only has excellent working ability, but also shows his honesty in self-development. In February this year, he obtained the doctor's degree of engineering from the Graduate School of Chongshi University. His image not only sets an example for colleagues and junior staff, but also contributes to his development awareness and self-development.

Open SNS operates various systems including the qualification certificate obtaining support, business-related education support, leadership education, guidance and other staff members who can cultivate professional ability, including the Shi / Ph.D. degree obtaining support system approved by director Li BingDao. In addition, in order to make the employees have a happy working life in SNS, they are also willing to make excessive investment in overseas study, long-term work reward, business achievement reward, social association, coffee shop operation, concert miniaturization and holiday fee support.

Pei Futai, a representative director of SNS, said: "we regard talent as a core asset and continue to formulate various support policies, In order to become a leading backbone enterprise, we are striving to "become an excellent example of talent management for small and medium-sized enterprises in the future".

On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises have made great contributions to the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and awarded awards to employees and excellent groups, which are paid attention and respected by the people of small and medium-sized enterprises all over the country.

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