fire i secure e-mail gateway, the easy to miss threat is also completely defended

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-09

Fire children's new secure email gateway runs solid interaction and out email scanning to resist the threat of evolving terrain

Fastest detection, prevention, and applicability: fire iMail city is a single solution that provides a leading detection and defense force for mail based threats. If fire-fighting facilities are used to merge mail security homes, organizations can benefit from cost savings and reduce the impact of e-mail threats on their networks and staff.

Ken bagnal, vice president of security for Ken bagnal fire I e-mail, said: "the authorities rely too much on blocking the basic defense, and as time goes by, they understand what happened. When other security solutions fail to stop the mail threat, Through the handling of the company's accidents, this phenomenon has been observed for several times. "Fire's children's complete secure email gateway not only outsources the email information, but also protects the organization through email attack. In this way, the defense level of further development is very important in the face of the increasing challenges, LAN Island software, and the evolving threat terrain of fake attacks.

Beyond the existing defense capabilities of secure email gateway: fire I e-mail city provides the security email gateway functions based on anti-virus, anti spam, anti malicious code and other standards, and in order to better defense against customer companies, the following several schemes are designed. Yes.

In addition, on March 19, Ken inner (webinar), deputy general manager of Ken inner of fire children, will give a brief introduction to the recent e-mail threat trend and the necessary e-mail security forces.


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