ten years of mystery of "zhenwang" finally surfaced, and iran's nuclear program was aborted because of the "spy action" of its insiders

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-09

Not just America and Israel

Three other countries involved in operation "super weapons"

The United States: the participating agencies involve the NSA and CIA of the National Intelligence Agency, and undertake the responsibility of providing network weapons;

Israel: the participating agencies involve Mossad, the Ministry of defense and the electronic intelligence national team, responsible for supporting cyber weapons and Iranian intelligence;

The Netherlands: the participating agencies involve the intelligence agency AIVD, and the Dutch have their unique position in the "operation": they not only provide key information about Iran's activities of purchasing illegal nuclear program equipment from Europe, but also undertake the "important role" of setting up spy companies and actually delivering them;

Germany, France: provide technical details and knowledge of centrifuges produced by Siemens.

Dutch agents perform "espionage"

Open the "key gate" for the implementation of seismic network

(Note: in the information disclosed this time, the information collected by the agents is not provided, but according to the fact that the earthquake network virus itself is an accurate attack, it can only be destroyed when very specific device configuration and network conditions are found. Using information provided by agents, attackers can update code and provide some attack accuracy.

New enlightenment of "old" information

Man is the weakest link in the network war

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