recruit team-mates in the security academic circle

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-10

The security academic circle is composed of a group of researchers who are concerned about information security, mainly sharing knowledge about paper writing, journal meetings, fund applications and other related aspects, focusing on the following aspects:

Recommendation of writing skills and related writing tools;

The contribution experience sharing and contribution notice of Journals "SCI, EI" and conference "summit, general meeting";

Including information release and application experience sharing of national natural fund projects and enterprise fund projects;

Personnel recruitment and job information release in the security industry;

Regularly share the list of excellent papers.

In order to better develop and expand the security academic circle, we hereby recruit teammates who meet the following characteristics:

Official account operator: collate and publish the internal information on the official account. This work can be exposed to the dynamic and industry status of the safety academia, and can also exercise its own character arrangement and official account operation capability.

Security academic sharer: collect the latest security academic news and news, and regularly release it to the internal group, and discuss and interpret it within the group.

Interpretation of safety papers: have the habit of reading safety papers for a long time, and can write short comments on each article, and put forward some of their own views.

The following benefits can be enjoyed by members of the safety academic circle:

Sharing academic resources within the circle;

Personalized guidance or discussion;

Team irregular online and offline activities;

Personal technology growth and sense of belonging.

If you are interested, please send a personal introduction to secdr ා If you have any questions about the safety academic circle, please leave a message. I hope the safety academic circle can bring convenience to your academic research career!