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Tinyspider is a network data capture framework based on tiny Htmlparser.

Maven reference coordinates:

<dependency> <groupId>org.tinygroup</groupId> <artifactId>tinyspider</artifactId> <version>0.0.12</version> </dependency>

Web crawler, generally used in full-text retrieval or content acquisition.

The tiny framework also has limited support for this. Although it has few functions, it is very convenient to do full-text search or get data from the web page.

Frame characteristics

framework design

Internet worm

public interface Spinder { /** * 添加站点访问器 * * @param siteVisitor */ void addSiteVisitor(SiteVisitor siteVisitor); /** * 添加监视器 * * @param watcher */ void addWatcher(Watcher watcher); /** * 处理url * * @param url */ void processUrl(String url); /** * 处理url * @param url * @param parameter */ void processUrl(String url, Map<String, Object> parameter); /** * 设置URL仓库 * * @param urlRepository */ void setUrlRepository(UrlRepository urlRepository); }

A crawler must contain at least one site visitor, which is used to access the URL. If there is no matching site visitor, the URL will be ignored and will not be processed.

A crawler needs to contain at least one monitor, which is used to filter the content in the URL and process the hit nodes. Without a monitor, the content crawled back by a crawler is of no value.

A crawler needs at least one URL warehouse, which is used to judge whether or not it has been grabbed and processed. If there is no URL warehouse, it will not be able to determine whether the URL has been processed. In many cases, it will cause a dead cycle and cannot exit.

Of course, a crawler must also be able to handle URLs.

Website visitors

Since a crawler can have multiple site accessors, there needs to be an ismatch method to tell the crawler whether it should be handled by itself. Access method. You can set whether to get data through get or post.

URL warehouse

public interface UrlRepository { /** * 返回url是否已经在仓库中存在 * * @param url * @return */ boolean isExist(String url); /** * 返回url是否已经在仓库中存在,带有参数 * * @param url * @param parameter * @return */ boolean isExist(String url, Map<String, Object> parameter); /** * 如果不存在,则放放,如果已经存在,则替换 * * @param url * @param content */ void putUrlWithContent(String url, String content); /** * 如果不存在,则放放,如果已经存在,则替换 * * @param url * @param parameter * @param content */ void putUrlWithContent(String url, Map<String, Object> parameter, String content); /** * 如果存在,则返回内容;如果不存在,则抛出运行时异常 * * @param url * @return */ String getContent(String url); /** * 如果存在,则返回内容;如果不存在,则抛出运行时异常 * * @param url * @param parameter * @return */ String getContent(String url, Map<String, Object> parameter); }

URL warehouse is used to manage URL and its content. As the methods are simple and clear, no more introduction will be made.


public interface Watcher { /** * 设置节点过滤器 * * @param filter */ void setNodeFilter(NodeFilter<HtmlNode> filter); /** * 获取节点过滤器 * * @return */ NodeFilter<HtmlNode> getNodeFilter(); /** * 添加处理器 * * @param processor */ void addProcessor(Processor processor); /** * 获取处理器列表 * * @return */ List<Processor> getProcessorList(); }

A monitor must have a node filter, but it can have multiple processors.


public interface Processor { /** * 处理节点 * * @param node */ void process(HtmlNode node); }

The processor is very simple, that is, processing the hit nodes.


By visiting [ Catalog = 1], we can see that there are many technical questions and answers. Let's write a program to print out these Titles:

Writing crawler

public static void main(String[] args) { Spinder spinder = new SpinderImpl(); Watcher watcher = new WatcherImpl(); watcher.addProcessor(new PrintOsChinaProcessor()); QuickNameFilter<HtmlNode> nodeFilter = new QuickNameFilter<HtmlNode>(); nodeFilter.setNodeName("div"); nodeFilter.setIncludeAttribute("class", "qbody"); watcher.setNodeFilter(nodeFilter); spinder.addWatcher(watcher); spinder.processUrl(""); }

Write processor

public class PrintOsChinaProcessor implements Processor { public void process(HtmlNode node) { FastNameFilter<HtmlNode> filter = new FastNameFilter<HtmlNode>(node); filter.setNodeName("h2"); filter.setIncludeNode("a"); HtmlNode h3 = filter.findNode(); if (h3 != null) { System.out.println(h3.getSubNode("a").getContent()); } } }

Operation result

The output may not be the same as the result because the data is always changing.

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From the example, it can be seen that it's really easy to get data from the web page. Only a few lines (about 20 lines) can collect the data we want. If we want to capture more data, we only need to refine the analysis layer by layer.