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Initial submission January 12, 2018 final update March 13, 2019

To confuse the victims of infection in the third policy of 2019

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Cases of ~~

English in 2018

Regarding position / Job Application / Hiring / Application / JobHow are you doing?{Good Evening,{Good Morning,{How is your day?{Hey,{How's your day going?{How's it going?{Howdy,{Pleased to meet you{Hiya,{Hi, Please click here to download my resume. The password for the file is 1234looking forward to hearing back from you!{Thank you!{Best regards!

English in 2019

The part name is Amazon order details / your order... / order payment / order [number] - [number] - [number] / your order [number] - [number] - [number] has shippedamazon.comyour recommendations | your account | amazon.comorder confirmationorder [number] - [number] - [number] hi, Thank you for shopping with us. We confirmation that your item has shipped. Your order details are available on link below. The payment details of your transaction can be found on the

.Your estimated delivery date is:Your shipping speed: Standard{Express

Payment SummaryOrder #

Item Subtotal:Shipping & Handling:Total Before Tax:Estimated Tax:Order Total:To learn more about ordering, go to Ordering from you want more information or need more assistance, go to Help.Thank you for shopping with

To confuse the contents of the contents of the government, the government and the government.

In this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of.

It's a great way to help you.

To add, to infect, or to infect

What's the difference between the two? What's the difference? What's the difference?

From 2017 to 2017, it tends to be "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", "windows", ".

There is a tendency to be a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of a little bit.


97 ター ン あ る

94 いなのですることはなくくととはなくくく

■ infection of hand and mouth?

12503 トファイでででじです. < メールをいだけでウイょスはない!

I don't know.

Windows ユーザーさ〯に気づか〨いいででそれがシシとれす.

~ the moment of infection

Wscript.exe class line (green)

In the early stage of the disease, the symptoms of the disease are different from the tragic disease.

ネットバンキングウイルス Emotet、Bebloh/Shiotob、Ursnif/Gozi

ネットバンキングウイルス Emotet、Bebloh/Shiotob、Ursnif/Gozi

Free virus email prevention

The human error "human error" that can happen to everyone should not overlook zetti.

There are three effective free virus email remedies that make sure you fail 100% of virus infection attacks even if you accidentally open an invalid file

Detoxification of script files

If you change the file association in advance, you will have a Windows PC that doesn't use 100% of the malicious script files. Simply change the windows configuration

Countermeasures against macroviruses

The macro virus that is implemented in Microsoft office, the so-called macrovirus, can be 100% powerless by changing the security settings of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Work for several minutes

Utilization of firewall

The email attacker uses the windows regular program wscript.exe, PowerShell. Exe, and downloads the virus body, intended to prevent the product from interfering with the security products that might be introduced.

If the external communication of these executives is blocked by a firewall beforehand, it is safe to go loose. Windows Firewall

It is not meaningful only by the mental theory such as "open up suspicious mail" and "open suspicious file" for human beings, and virus countermeasure against windows PC along the viral infection hand is the strongest.

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