greens call for amendments to the basic law

Posted by barello at 2020-03-10

The Greens expect far-reaching decisions to combat racism in Germany from the integration summit in the Chancellery. Federal, national and local politicians of the party have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of claims, which is available to the editorial network Germany.

In this way, a commitment to Germany as an immigration country should be enshrined in the Basic Law. To this end, the slogan "diversity in unity" should be written into the Constitution as a state goal. In addition, the term'race'should be deleted from Article 3 without weakening the prohibition of discrimination laid down therein.

Greens see great catching up with security authorities

"Germany has a problem of racism and has not done so since Hanau", writes the Bundestag deputies Filiz Polat, Hannover's mayor Belit Onay and the Landtag deputies Aminata Toure (Schleswig-Holstein) and Berivan Aymaz (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Despite numerous racist-motivated violent crimes since the 1990s, dark-skinned people, Muslims and Jews would not be sufficiently heard by the majority society, "their fear was not taken seriously", writes the four Green politicians with migration history.

You see politics in duty. Their catalogue of demands includes, inter alia, the appointment of an anti-racism commissioner by the Federal Government, tax concessions for associations dedicated to the promotion of democracy, and the adaptation of curricula. The German colonial past, anti-racism and the history of Germany as an immigrant country should be addressed more strongly than hitherto in schools.

Finally, the Greens also see great catching up with the security authorities. "Racism-critical and anti-discrimination structures must also be developed and institutionalised in the police and security authorities and firmly anchored within the authorities'hierarchies," writes Green politicians.