councillor of punctuality, huang qiaoan defends against the wind

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Councillor of punctuality, Huang Qiaoan defends against the wind

For the doubts about Huang's case of "Sanxing x document", it puts forward that "congressman Lu huican with open speech, lost his original position with damaged reputation" the Justice Party "does not even know the relationship, and supports the ancients as a tool of political struggle"

In the process of defending the representatives of the Democratic Party of Korea, the members of the Korean party proposed that the high parliament approve the fixed-point style of the members, and the members of the Korean party made a wrong speech on the "factual relationship".

At the personnel hearing of attorney general Yin xilie on August 8, councillor Zheng once directed the Huang Jiao'an representative of the special investigation group of "Samsung x document" (at that time, the second Chief of the central local prosecutor's office of Seoul) suspected of the doubts contained in the list of "cake price prosecutors", and expressed such facts to Councillor zancan of the High Council, who was open to the media. He lost his office as a member of Parliament because of damage to his reputation.

Zhao Chengzhu, Secretary General of the luhuican financial group, met with reporters at the Ruyi Island National Assembly in Seoul on September 9, saying: "at that time, congressman luhuican lost his status as a congressman due to the Samsung x document incident, and the reputation damage was exposed, but the court ruled that he was not guilty. If suspected of violating the law on the protection of communication secrets, the distribution of reported materials has used the exemption privilege, but website publicity is not a rare judgment. Unlike Mr Cheng, the reasons for his failure are totally different.

Zhao Shengxiu, secretary general, said: "it's a great pity that the dead (the dead) clearly put forward different facts and expressed great regret to the financial group. Zheng haozhen, a spokesman for the Justice Party, said the same day:" the name of Lu huican's former representative is definitely not proposed at will on the public praise of Zheng Meizhi. " Strongly criticized the proposition.

"The root cause of the loss of Lu huican's former representative" is the list of prosecutors in Samsung x documents, Zheng said. As the reason for the limitation of prosecution, even the investigation did not go on smoothly, but was the object of investigation illegally eavesdropped. As a result, the former representative of Lu huican published the reports on the list, suspected of violating the law on the protection of communication secrets, and was sentenced by the great court to dereliction of duty. The people were all angry. "

"Roh moo Hyun's representative was deprived of his position as a member of Parliament, and he would make the same decision when he came back." "no matter the guard warrior or the prosecutor, they didn't have the basic factual relationship, and they also used the tools of political struggle to let the old man stay. There is no such paradox in failure.

"In a phone call with the media yesterday, Mr. Jin Yongzhe, a former three-star legal chief, paid 6 million won of rice cakes in 1999 by Huang jiaoan, a representative of five ministers of prosecutors in northern Seoul," Zheng said. The more you want to protect Huang's ugly past, the more you should know, councillor Zheng warned.

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