hanhua group, the 6th selection of "membership program" for cultivating college students

Posted by lipsius at 2020-10-30

[β news reporter Jin Shixian] Hanwha membership progrm, which is looking forward to cultivating college students, is entering the sixth issue, which aims to select young and creative talents who dream of becoming creators of cultural information.

Hanhua group has received support from the 6th issue of "Hanhua member 10 program" (HMP) for selecting / cultivating talents who dream of becoming content producers through Hanhua group recruitment website on May 5.

HMP (Hanwha membership progrm) is a program for college students who have the ability of content production in various fields to cultivate their strength when they enter the society in the future under the value of "improving the direction of times change through content".

The HMP talent standard selected this time is based on a high degree of concern and understanding of digital content, with the ability to analyze the latest content trend, and to create (plan, produce, edit, etc.) various forms of digital content (image / image, etc.).

The students selected through the recruitment will have a 7-week education and internship from July 10 to August 25.

First of all, there will be special lectures invited by internal lecturers and one daycut trip, subsidiary visits, etc. After that, he cooperated with five tutors of Han Huasheng brand strategy group in landmark 63 building in Seoul to carry out content planning, production, editing and other education.

If the course is successfully completed, the relevant business support of Hanhua group's companies will be allocated to a certain point in the future. In fact, people from HMP 1 to 5 work in the marketing and content production company of Hanhua group. Not only that, but also entered the main content / media companies in China and launched its strength.

After 7 weeks of HMP course, the final publication and graduation ceremony will be finished in late August, and the program will be over.

"After the completion of the process, we will continue to launch the system's 10tion project to establish a long-term criminal human network in various fields," Hanhua said

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