report: nessus chinese report automation script

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-11

After Nessus scanning, it takes a lot of time to sort out the report. Therefore, a small script is written to automatically generate the Chinese vulnerability report.

Analyze HTML reports, translate them into Chinese automatically, and provide repair suggestions, reduce the time of sorting reports, and improve work efficiency.

Using documents

Nessus_to_report │ //demo │ //主文件 │ │ vuln.db //中文漏洞库 │ └─img     01.png

1. After Nessus scanning, select HTML type, custom for report, host for croup by, and export HTML report.

2. Run the script: test.html

In the same directory, generate CSV file, including server IP, vulnerability name, risk level, vulnerability description and repair suggestions.

Reference material

Chinese vulnerability Library: