10 web applications for front-end development

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-11

1. : Delivers Screen Size Information for Popular Devices is a website that lists important data about common mobile phones, tablets and monitor screens.

2. Picksum Ipsum

Picksum Ipsum virtual text generator.

3. Clipping Magic :For Removing Backgrounds from Images

Clipping magic is a free and web-based tool that simplifies removing any background from photos.

4. Secret of Browsers Developers Tools

Secrets of the browser developer tools is a website that provides detailed information on the usage and functions of various browsers. Support for chrome, Firefox, Safari, ie, opera.

5. Unicode Table : For Unicode Characters

Unicode table is a website that provides HTML codes and Unicode numeric codes listing any character. It is convenient to search and locate, and these codes have been classified and arranged. At the same time, the website also provides the conversion function of encoding and decoding any text.

6. Icovault : Web Based Icon Font Generator

Icon allows font icons are generated online.

7. Infinite WP : Control Multiple WP Installations

Infinitewp allows you to install any number of WordPress in an interface. All WordPress websites can also be plug-in / version updated, backed up / recovered and managed

8. JS Hint : Detect Errors and Problems in JavaScript


Jshint and jslint are very similar. They are JavaScript code verification tools, which can check your code and provide relevant code improvement suggestions.

9. Web Color Data : Analyzes Color Used on Websites

Web color data provides a very convenient service for users to find out which colors a web page uses. You simply submit a URL and it will automatically extract and analyze the color scheme in the URL. A percentage segmentation is used to present the tone distribution. In addition, the color matching used on many popular websites is also a good source of color inspiration.

10. GistBox : To Organize Your Code Snippets

Gistbox provides a beautiful way to organize code snippets. Save your library to the cloud for backup without worrying about losing it. Gistbox is built with standard HTML5 technology.

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