what can be used for the substitution of white? introduction of homemade white

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-11

Transparent golden soup "white". It is white which is convenient for the seasoning of Japanese food, etc. Do you mean that? At that time, let's use the seasoning which becomes the substitute of white.

So I will look at the seasoning which is the substitute for white. In addition, it is a recipe to make the homemade white, and the recommended recipe using white.

What is white?

It is a seasoning made by adding soy sauce, mirin, sugar and so on. Since soy sauce is made of soy sauce, such as white soy sauce and thin soy sauce, it is characterized by a transparent golden color. In contrast to the thinness of the color, the taste is thick, and the taste is strong and diluted depending on the cooking.

Liquid type white

It is a liquid type white which often sees in a supermarket. It is diluted with water or hot water. The color is thin, so you can cook without applying color to the material. It is useful when making thin Japanese food such as Nigiri maki egg and tea bowl steaming.

Powder type white

Recently, the powder type of white is seen in the supermarket. The white type of powder type can be used as a topping, different from liquid type white. For example, if you sprinkle a little bit on a cold snack, it is recommended to taste.

It may be used with the powder type. It is good to use it according to cooking.

White effect? Do I have to use it?

The white color is characterized by its translucent light. By using white, the color of the material itself is raised, and appearance looks very elegant. In addition, because the taste is decided, it is a large charm that does not combine various kinds of seasoning to the seasoning. I want to make good use.

It's white! What can be substituted for?

When you think it is not white, you should substitute another seasoning! Let's see what seasoning can be used instead of white.

For the use of soup broth

It is diluted and diluted like white. In fact, the material and the manufacturing process used in white and Niyu are almost the same. The difference between white and minabe is the kind and sweetness of soy sauce. White soy sauce is made from white soy sauce or thin soy sauce, but it is rich in color because it uses concentrated soy sauce, and it is sweeter than white.

If it is a dish that doesn't care even if the color becomes thick, it can be substituted with the noodle soup.

- Powdered powder

In the case of the dish which wants to use the color of the material itself, it is not suitable for the substitution of the thick noodle of the color. In that case, use the powder or granule type starch.

The powder type starch is not included in soy sauce, and it is made by the powder of the dried bonito, salt, sugar, and umami additive. Therefore, when it is used as a substitute for white, it is not tasted only in the maple. If you substitute for soy sauce or salt, add a small amount of salt to the white.


There were some other things that could be used for the substitution of white sauce, as well as powdered soup. It is a paste about natto and the tofu tofu. The ingredients included in these dishes are soy sauce, sugar, salt, dried fish, and pumpkin. Because the base material is almost the same, it can substitute instead of white.

It is diluted and used to dilute it without dilution. If you want to add a small amount of white instead of white, it is recommended that you can easily substitute the sauce of natto or tamago tofu.

It is convenient to make homemade white

It is useful to make a homemade white made in the same way as white on the market. The ingredients mentioned above are Katsuobushi, Tsugaru konbu, thin soy sauce and mirin. If you have dried sardine or dried sardine, add the flavor of this product to the delicious white.

Material water 1 liter soup kelp 10 ~ 20 g (1 to 2% water) 10 to 20 g (1 to 2% water) 10 to 20 g (1 to 2% water) 1 / 2 cup (10% water) mirin 1 / 2 cup

Step 1: put the ingredients other than Katsuobushi into water and put it in water, and pickle it in an hour or so. Season of temperature is put into refrigerator.)

(2) add the cuttlefish to the heat, cook it in a high heat and cook it for five minutes.

3) it is rubbed with a piece of paper.

4) put mirin in the pot and put it on a high heat and boil it, and then pour alcohol.

5) add the soy sauce and soy sauce, and stop it.

You can use the storage method and the homemade white tea for about 3 weeks.


Even if it is not white, it can taste like white. When cooking is made using white sauce, even if it is completely white, the seasoning that can be substituted is done without being scorned. It is good to remember how to make homemade white.

Delicious recipe with white

How to make tamago & Tripod roasted egg roll

"Material (two persons)" 1 / 2 belly 1 / 3 bag egg 3 milk Two tablespoons of white... 1 teaspoon salad Proper amount mayonnaise. Moderate amount of chili pepper Proper amount

Easy to say! Boiled rice with salt and salted salmon

(materials) (3) 2 - shiitake salmon fillet (sweet salt) Two slices 3 tablespoonfuls of soy sauce 1 tablespoon white 1 tablespoon sake 1 tablespoon ginger tube White sesame and onion on top of 3 cm Proper amount

Halloween Pumpkin Cream Pumpkin

(material) (2) pumpkin 100 g onion onion. 1 / 4 Bacon Two pieces of butter 5 g flour 1 tablespoon milk Cup 1 / 4 a cup 2 teaspoon flour Proper amount of egg Bread crumbs per minute Moderate amount salad oil. Proper amount

3 minutes a side dish without fire! Cucumber and long sweet potato

Cucumber (4) Two long tastes 160ga umeboshi: 30ga nagama (white). 2 teaspoons white (7 times concentrated)... 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 times concentrated) 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 teaspoon oil Suitable amount of Katsuobushi. Proper amount

Broccoli & steamed chicken spicy Chinese salad

Material (2 to 3 persons) Shabu (white) The stalk of three cucumbers Three pieces: 4 servings for salt, sake. Each suitable amount of sesame oil Proper taste Shan tan. 1 teaspoon white 1 tablespoon soy sauce (soup stock) 1 - 1 shredded white sesame... Black pepper - Black Pepper Proper amount

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