secwiki weekly (no.152)

Posted by lipsius at 2020-03-11
Secwiki weekly (No.152)

Safety information

[view] etiac and srcms V2 of enterprise Threat Intelligence Collection Center released

[other] malwaremustie blog image site

[news] 100 billion China Internet investment fund was established

Safety technology

[web security] [New Year's greetings] famous penetration test suite burpsuse Pro v1.7.12 cracked version

[web security] get the domain name script corresponding to IP

[web security] DNS rebinding technology bypasses the SSRF / proxy IP limit


[malicious analysis] avoid memory scanning

[news] interpretation of Gartner's top ten information security technologies in 2016

[programming technology] csrss whitelist technology

[web security] fingerprint: Web application fingerprint identification (follow the new fingerprint rules)

[document] Fido document library

[other] [public service translation] Stix profile overview white paper

[web security] summary of common web source code leaks

[web security] security website navigation

[operation and maintenance security] use Sysmon and Splunk to detect horizontal penetration in the network environment

[vulnerability analysis] 2016 web vulnerability statistics: exploit-db

[magazine] security guest 2016 - gather the excellent technical articles of security circle of the year

[operation and maintenance security] CNNIC released the 39th statistical report on the development of China's Internet

[O & M security] Threat Intelligence on fingertips: threatpinch ʍ biz = mza3mtuwmzi5nw = = & mid = 2654431102 & IDX = 1 & Sn = 09b7c56de3de3db856d82d257fd4a56 & chksm = 84ef5bd0b398d2c6e8437d70cd226b3870174d12bbeb6c7efd4451a415df8bbc1057c3910

& srcid = 0124adcwfgxc3gjfg9ntl3ek × Rd

[web security] Python framework for it security tools

[web security] Meraki rce: when red team and vulnerability research fill in love. Part 2 - Part-2/

[tool] how to perform DDoS test as a pentester

[malicious analysis] Android malware about to get word: GM BOT source code leaked

[operation and maintenance security] the ideal WAF in the eyes of WAF Product Manager

[web security] e-mail tracker blocker prohibit message tracking (Privacy Protection) blocker

[web security] WordPress express framework: a framework for penetration testing of WordPress ttps://

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