shop7z online shopping system premium version v3.6 download

Posted by fierce at 2020-03-12

Computer mobile phone + mobile phone + Flash and Alipay Shop7z online payment system supports QQ and WeChat to login on one touch, the system integrates the strengths of many public companies, the atmosphere is super beautiful page + mobile version + merchandise combination package + Flash sale seckill + picture bulk upload + Taobao data packet import + pop-up classification menu + different specifications, different prices + new order mail notification + sales report printing and Excel output + Shop7z Logistics tracking printing query + membership score and coupons + mail group + picture online management + sales statistics + five price systems + gift coupons + WeChat official account payment + scan code payment, and so on. Shop7z online shopping system integrates the function of product combination package, that is, you can choose several products as a product package to let users buy, and then set a lower price. To buy a package, you can buy all the products included in this package, which not only makes users get benefits, but also makes the sales performance of the website more outstanding and attractive. Website products can be combined flexibly and repeatedly. The combination category it belongs to will be displayed in the display page of each product, which is also the unique website promotion treasure of shop7z. Shop7z online shopping system supports time limited snapping and seckilling activities. The end time of time limited snapping can be set for all the products added to the time limited snapping. During this period, the product page will countdown to display the snapping time. During this period, the lower price can be set for the products added to the snapping to attract people's purchase desire. After the expiration, the page will automatically display the end of snapping, but it can continue Continue to purchase at the original price, which is a very popular sales mode for online stores. Shop7z shopping mall system supports different specifications and different price functions, which is the same as the package function in Taobao. Users can choose to purchase the specifications they need, and the system adds the function of WeChat official account payment and scan code payment. This is also the most popular online payment method at present. Shop7z system is a pop-up visual display integrated with various classifications. At the same time, the latest product information of this classification will be displayed on the right side of the classification menu, which is very beautiful! New order email notification function is added, which can be set on or off in the background. The administrator can customize the specific content of the new order email notification. After a customer places an order, the system will automatically send an email to the orderer and the administrator. For example, setting up a QQ mailbox, the QQ system will automatically pop up the email notification, which is very convenient! Shop7z online shopping system supports multiple sort browsing, which is convenient for the user to filter, select and browse products, and is very user-friendly. For example, it supports sorting by price, popularity and sales volume, browsing and displaying by text or picture, and also supports Customized browsing of the number of products per page. Such intelligent function greatly improves people's browsing enthusiasm.

Shop7z online shopping system v3.8 premium update: add bulk transfer of goods to other classification functions add bank account option switch function in payment method repair error bug when using balance payment