secwiki weekly (issue 274)

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-13

Safety technology

[web security] summary of one attack and defense practice:

[vulnerability analysis] Apache tomca remote execution code (cve-2019-0232) vulnerability analysis and replication

[data mining] DATACON game direction three - attack source and attacker analysis writeup

[vulnerability analysis] analysis of cve-2019-0708 (bluekeep)

[competition] top 2019 online web writeup

[competition] ctftraining: CTF training classic competition question recurrence environment

[data mining] when security meets nlp

[vulnerability analysis] a debugging primer with cve-2019 – 0708 @ stratightblast426 / a-debugging-primer-with-cve-2019-0708-ccfa266682f6

8b% E6% 9C% Ba% E9% 87% 8D% E5% 90% af -% E7% 9A% 84% E7% AE% 80% E5% 8D% 95% E5% 88% 86% E6% 9E% 90/

[vulnerability analysis] influxdb authentication bypass 0day

[web security] rebound using java debugging protocol jdwp shell

[malicious analysis] decision tools: summary of blackmail virus decryption tools

[web security] permanent wmic event subscription - permission maintenance (III) /% E6% B0% B8% E4% B9% 85% E6% 80% A7% 20wmic% 20% E4% Ba% 8b% E4% BB% B6% E8% AE% A2% E9% 98% 85% 20 -% 20% E6% 9D% 83% E9% 99% 90% E7% BB% B4% E6% 8C% 81% EF% BC% 88% E4% B8% 89% EF% BC% 89/

[web security] a CMS combination vulnerability to getshell

[other] account security

[competition] mimic defense CTF 2019 final writeup

[mobile security] IOS shell smashing from getting started to giving up

[other] netstat source code debugging & principle analysis

[operation and maintenance security] container security construction

[operation and maintenance security] container security tool

[vulnerability analysis] cve-2018-12067 and similar vulnerability analysis and related thinking

[web security] product security design checklist

[forensics analysis] emergency response and disposal process for windows

[competition] iscc2019 part writeup

[malicious analysis] nansh0u campaign hackers Arsenal groups stronger

[forensic analysis] dividing into the security analyst's mind

[other] summary of steganography in CTF

[vulnerability analysis] netstat source code debugging & principle analysis

[web security] Microsoft Office - permission maintenance (I) 20office% 20 -% 20% E6% 9D% 83% E9% 99% 90% E7% BB% B4% E6% 8C% 81% EF% BC% 88% E4% B8% 80% EF% BC% 89/

[other] use gpg4win + Outlook Express to send and receive encrypted email

[forensics analysis] thoughts on industrial control and safety protection in military industry

[malicious analysis] thread hunting with Jupiter notebooks - Part 1: your first notebook GI = 6e2ca22b44b7

[forensic analysis] learn and play QR code with me

[web security] expanding file uploads Pt. 1 – mime sniffing to stored xss

[malicious analysis] hiddenwasp malware settings targeted Linux systems

[vulnerability analysis] breaking out of RKT – 3 new unpatched cves os-rkt-3-new-cves/

[vulnerability analysis] attribute is hard - at least for dock: a safari sandbox Escape & lpe