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Article 1 (purpose)

The purpose of the terms of use of naver vocabulary (hereinafter referred to as the "terms") is to provide necessary matters such as rights, obligations and responsibilities between the company and the user when the user uses the vocabulary services provided by naver Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company").

Article 2 (definition of terms)

Article 3 (effect and change of terms of use)

Article 4 (obligations of the company)

When the company continues to provide stable vocabulary service and causes equipment failure or loss, it shall not be repaired or repaired.

Article 5 (obligations of users)

"Users" are limited to the purpose of their own use. They can read, edit, print and use the contents of "vocabulary". In addition, they cannot use "vocabulary book".

Article 6 (copyright of vocabulary content)

All words, idioms and examples saved as "vocabulary" from naver dictionary are copyrighted by the dictionary content provider.

Article 7 (change of services)

Article 8 (others)

Supplementary articles