foshan school indoor formaldehyde removal professional company

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-13

Formaldehyde is a common raw material in decoration and a representative of air pollution, so where does formaldehyde come from in our home? We often know that formaldehyde comes from wood flooring and household appliances, and there are many real material situations. Because wood household appliances will use urea formaldehyde gum as the raw material at the time of manufacturing, if we want to install wood household appliances at home, we must choose environmental protection household appliances, otherwise the light and taste can not help people live.

Compared with those formaldehyde removal methods, what are the advantages of professional formaldehyde removal companies? We think there are the following: first of all, no matter what other methods, formaldehyde absorption and decomposition are not rapid, at least more than half a month, which will greatly delay our stay time, second, the effect is uncertain, because no one can tell you how long to ventilate, how much activated carbon can be put to absorb formaldehyde, in case of treatment, I think it can be here After or exceed the standard how to do, always can't give you governance once in a while, but you can absolutely ask the professional formaldehyde removal company to show the inspection and inspection after the governance is over, check the test report and say, no more payment than the standard, and since we are consumers, of course, we have after-sales service, and then find them if there is more than the standard, this warranty It varies with different companies, but it will not be less than three years, because the formaldehyde release cycle is 3-15 years.

Unqualified board, the smell released, makes people unable to live at all, and there will be serious reactions when breathing in, so it is necessary to confirm whether the board is environmentally friendly. The formaldehyde content of the board is the first thing to consider when purchasing the wardrobe, because it has a lot to do with our health and quality of life. We can close the cabinet door for five minutes before purchasing, and then open it abruptly to see if there is a big smell. In some cases, the formaldehyde release is a little serious. For pregnant mothers, children and other groups, the harm of indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde is more clearly exposed and more serious. If pregnant mothers contact formaldehyde for a long time, it will have a serious impact on the fetus. Even if they can carry it or hold it, there may be some problems. So pregnant mothers should pay attention not to contact too much formaldehyde during pregnancy. Of course During this period, the impact on the health of pregnant women is also very large. It is clear that the symptoms are headache, fidgety, sleepless and so on. The harm of formaldehyde to pregnant women is double and serious.

Formaldehyde pollution is serious and continuous for a long time. Serious formaldehyde exceeding the standard can not be solved by the same method. At this moment, we will use photocatalyst treatment method to generate hydrogen peroxide to quickly decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide, which are attached to household appliances in the same special case. When formaldehyde is emitted, it can also be decomposed immediately. It is true that To protect our survival from now on.