great admiration! shioyaki soba & orange plum cream pasta

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-14

Even if I challenge diet restriction by diet, I want to lose weight I want to leak the main sound. Recommended food at that time. Even with a high calorie food, it changes into a healthy menu according to the devise. This time, I introduce a recipe of magic to replace noodles. If you want to eat too much, even if you eat a lot, the feeling of guilt is gone.

How to make shiitake shioyaki soba

In "aiichi Ichi" (NHK) broadcast on November 22nd, "healthy recipe using shirataki" was introduced. It is a cooking researcher, Mr. waki waki who teaches. I use shirataki instead of noodles, "I'm on a diet but want to eat noodles..." .

First, it was "shirataki shioyaki soba". Removes the excess moisture and odor by cutting it to the length that is easy to eat, and removes the excess. Cut the water and cut the moisture from 1 to 2 minutes. Once you're done, take out the frying pan and then stir the ingredients.

The sesame oil is put on the same frying pan. When it is dark, it is rough and rough, and cabbage, stew, onion, and ginger are added. In the end, it is put in the sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil. It is complete to stir until it becomes familiar and stir.

Kaihara inohara who actually ate in the studio said, "delicious! I feel like eating noodles. Even on the net "Is this one beyond the substitute?" And the voice of interest continued.

Exquisite! Crown prince cream

Next, it was "shochu cream wrinkle pasta". Let's finish it from the same way as before. Carrots and potatoes are heated with oil pan. When it becomes soft, add the wrinkle, the crown prince, cream cheese, and milk, and the cream cheese is extended. If you don't have enough salt or salty taste, adjust the taste with a single pepper and salt while watching. Put it into the container and spread the universal onion.

Ikko said, "it is delicious not just konnyaku but delicious". When the pasta becomes too hot, it becomes more creamy when adding a little milk.

This recipe is also recommended!

How to cook carbonara

< 325 kcal >

(materials for two persons)

Wrinkles: 4 pieces of egg Bacon: 2 pieces of egg yolk: parmesan cheese

How to make

(1) the foxes get rid of stone. Cut bacon into 1 cm wide. (2) add hot water to the boiling water and leave for about 1 minute. I will cut water. (3) mix yolk, parmesan cheese, milk, cream, salt and pepper in a bowl. (4) put the bacon into a frying pan and cook until low heat. Add 1 tablespoon of hot water and add (2) in a boil. When the whole is mixed, stop the fire and add (3) to make the egg hurry so that the egg will not solidify. (5) put on top of the bowl and sprinkle black pepper.

According to Mr. waki, you can save it in the refrigerator. Why don't you use it for cooking?

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