build android mobile penetration artifact based on termux (2017

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-14

Build Android mobile penetration artifact based on termux (updated on July 22, 2017)

0x00 Preface

Termux is an open-source Linux simulator running on Android terminal without root. It supports apt management software package and perfectly supports python, ruby, go and nodejs. In this paper, termux is used to build nmap, sqlmap, bbscan, subdiomainsbrute, Hydra, routerspread and other Android mobile penetration tools that support port scanning, injection detection, sub domain name explosion, multi protocol weak password explosion, router vulnerability detection framework and other functions.

0x01termux installation and use

Termux is an open source Android terminal linux environment simulator application. Open source GitHub address and application website are the best tools for learning Linux usage and python language programming on Android mobile phones. 1. The installation official recommends using Google player and f-droid two app stores to download. The author chooses the download address provided by f-droid and installs it directly after downloading (the first time you open the app, you will perform the update operation, and you need to keep the mobile network unblocked.) 2. Use skills (refer to official help documents) (1) basic use

(2) Frequently used shortcut key volume - key simulation (CTRL) key

For more shortcut keys, please refer to the official website. For readers with Bluetooth keyboard, please refer to hardware shortcut keys (3) common commands

0x02 create Android mobile penetration artifact

(1) Display extension function, ESC key, CTR key, tab key (completion command and file name) are very common

(2) Install basic git, WGet, VIM, nano, tar, zip, less, etc. (VIM under termux supports moving cursor by touch)

(3) Install nmap

Install nmap usage

(4) Install python3.5 directly under python2 and sqlmaptermux by default (PIP installs the extension package of python3). However, at present, many software only supports 2.7 + (such as sqlmap), so install python2 and use PIP2 to install the extension package of python2. In this paper, all python2 code is run with python2


(5) Installing whatportiswhatportis is a tool for offline query of port number corresponding services

(6) Install bbscan and subdomainsbrute install the bbscan scan sensitive path and subdomainsbrute blasting subdomain of lijiejie

It indicates that the python extension package is missing. Use PIP2 install < corresponding extension package >

pip2 install <对应扩展包>