the united states faces many difficulties in catching russian hackers

Posted by barello at 2020-03-14

When Dmitry Ukraine, a Russian cyber suspect, was arrested in a Thai resort town last summer, US authorities had hoped they could bring him back to New York for trial quickly, causing at least a brief blow to the Russian computer hacking team. But Russian authorities quickly moved to persuade Thailand not to extradite him, saying he should be prosecuted in his own country. American officials know what that means. They reasoned that if Ukrainian skie boarded the plane to Moscow, he would soon return to work at the computer. "The U.S. authorities continue to pursue the Russians around the world in unacceptable ways, ignoring the norms of international law and putting pressure on other countries," the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The case of Ukraine's skie is still on hold. The dispute over him highlights the U.S. response to Russian hackers

, sometimes even impossible. In responding to such attacks, the United States has few options. Russia does not extradite its citizens and shows that it will not easily retreat because of public humiliation.