using the visual tag editor in wordpress comments

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-14

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If you want to show WYSIWYG - English - what you see - WordPress's local simplified WYSIWYG - in the front office, it's perfectly feasible because of the next few hooks and features.

WordPress WYSIWYG is based on tinymces, but it is covered by some surface layers to better integrate into WordPress management interface. Of course, WordPress uses hooks and functions to call and allow text editing on pages such as posts editing, plugins management, themes, and so on.

WYSIWYG can be easily overloaded to add or remove buttons. Here, we'll see how to add a simplified version, so just use the buttons you need.

Here are the different features you want to paste into the file that contains your theme features:

As for me, I will add this style to make the whole easier to show.

This is a "hacker", I think it is not clean and safe. But within a limited framework (intranet, extranet)

First of all, I try to compare WYSIWYG '` light' with what we have just seen, and then I change the method. As in wordpress.orgj forum, I prefer to use only the shortcut table. Here is a solution: