how to remove garbage from windows

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-15

20:00 Aug 27, 2019 software

If you open PC from file explorer, the folder "3D object" appears in the folder column. How do geek use this folder in Windows 10 users? Is it important to show you here? " .

The "3D object" folder will be used when working with paint 3D, windows mixed reality, and support for 3D printers. You need to rewrite the registry to hide the 3D object folder.

If you open a new tab at the Microsoft edge news feed Microsoft edge, you will see a news feed filled with world celebrities news and credit card shopping ads.

The news feed can be hidden from the settings, but how to Geek comments that Microsoft would like to completely remove this feature.

When you open the begin search in the start menu, you can enter the letter and search the application, configuration, file, etc. However, the web search by Bing is done at the same time as a file search.

How do we need this specification? Do you really need a safe search option to set up an adult image from the start menu? " Comment.

The timeline timeline feature is not only the currently open file application web site but also a list of things that are open to the past. How to say that many applications like Google Chrome are non responsive to the timeline, and the activities and files that have been executed cannot be confirmed on the timeline.

How to Geek says, "even if the timeline is convenient, the application does not correspond to the corresponding application and is confused."

S mode "s mode" is the mode of installing apps from windows store other than the default browser except edge, and search providers other than Bing. S mode may be used to manage multiple PCs.

Introduction of windows 10 (S mode)

How to geek "s mode is a function from windows RT to windows 10, but nobody wants S mode".

According to ad how to geek, "windows 10 has many improvements, but there are too many ads." The ads on Windows 10 are much more than Google's Android and Chrome OS, with applications and game ads displayed on the lock screen, taskbar, and notifications.

Windows 10 start menu ads doubled - gigazine

The game such as the candy brush saga and Farmville 2: Country escape in the start menu is not installed by default. But HOWO to Geek insists that most people have been installed by default as the tiles that have been introduced to install these games fill the start panel.

How to Geek is not able to remove such a game when making "the garbage trash list installed on Windows 10".

Microsoft Solitaire Collection "Solitaire" is a standard game. Solitaire plays the world's video game hall of fame in May 2019.

Microsoft "Solitaire" video game hall of fame

However, the "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" installed on Windows 10 is loaded with ads, and you need to charge the premium version of 230 yen or 1750 yen per month to remove the advertisement. The advertisement that prompts you to charge this premium version will appear on startup.

How to geek wants to be a former Solitaire without accounting or advertising, "how to Geek is not a company that earns $1 trillion a year like Microsoft, but provides Web unsolicited solitaire and Minesweeper on the web.

You can play from the link below.