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Posted by santillano at 2020-03-16

There are many scene opportunities to edit images in business such as corporate blogs and SNS posts. Therefore, even if it is not a web designer, a simple image editing skill has been increased.

In the case of the image editing by the personal computer, the image editing is done by using Photoshop, but there is a limit in supplying the image editing software to all the workers in charge.

This time, I picked up a free image editing software that can be easily operated by people other than designer.

The software available on windows and MAC may be different, so please check whether you are compatible or not.

Mac - Mac - Mac OS X

* the contents that are introduced in the article are at the time of the article writing. Please check the latest information at each service site.

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Free Photoshop software


Adobe Photoshop Photoshop

For the regular purchasers, photoshopcs2 had been downloaded for free, but it's already impossible to download.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Instead, you can try the free version of Photoshop for free. There are many free software that can edit images like Photoshop. It's also an ant to try and use the Photoshop experience version.

However, buying Photoshop will cost you. It is also a hand to use the tool to introduce only one month and use it to introduce the following. "What can you do with Photoshop?" Check the following article.

The perfect master who wants to try! Adobe Photoshop tutorials

2. Photoshop express editor (Web / IOS / Android)

Adobe Photoshop express editor

Adobe Photoshop express editor. Regular Photoshop is 980 yen per month.

Of course, because it is a free image editing software, the function is limited to the usual Photoshop, and the image can be saved only by JPEG. Also, the image file format to read is only JPEG, PSD, raw.

Photoshop express editor is available on the browser and does not need installation. In addition, there is a provision in the SMA version. This is a free image editing software recommended for those who want to edit images.

The Photoshop express editor also has a mobile version (Photoshop express) that can be used with smart phones. Almost all functions are available. I introduce the usage of the mobile version in the following article, so please read it.

Not to use! Free Photoshop express Photoshop Express



Fotoflexer is a simple image editing service on the browser.

Features include image retouching, trimming, rotation and reversal, contrast, color adjustment, color retouching with brush, and so on.

Because it has the function of undo and redo, it is safe even if the image editing fails. You can also post to SNS as well as save to local.

Sumo Paint (WEB)

Sumo Paint

Suo paint is a free software that allows you to open an image file on your browser. You can also use a brush to retouch or draw directly on a white canvas. Layer functions and filter functions are also enhanced.

In addition, image rotation can be rotated, reversed, trimmed and resized. If you have used one of the image editing software in the past, the operation will be smooth.

Storage is not only local, but also stored in the cloud provided by Sumo Paint.

Description: how to paint and retouch an image and use the "cloud paint" to upload to the cloud



Pixlr is an image editing software provided by audessk, famous for 3dcg software.

The desktop version and the mobile version can be downloaded and installed, and the browser based version that can be utilized from the web apps is not installed and can be easily edited.

The basic operation is to select and manipulate tools from the underlying menu.

The feature is also rich and basic image editing is almost possible. It is possible to paste the material beforehand and insert the text from the character tool.

You can also scale the image by dragging the gauge. Browser based image editing tools can be very heavy, but Pixlr can be operated relatively lightly and comfortably.



It is a free image editing tool on the browser base with the minimum function.

Simple functions such as resize, trimming, rotation and inversion, and brightness contrast, color correction, etc. are easy. There are also 11 filters that can be prepared with one button.

It is attractive to work lightly because only the functions necessary in the image editing are prepared.

Gimp (win / MAC / Linux)


It is a free image editing software with the content full of pay software. There are many functions and one can edit most images.

Layer features and masks are also available and have almost the same functionality as Photoshop. The brush can be set finely, and not only the photo retouching but also the strength against the color of clothes.

If you use gimp, you will need other retouching software. The image editing method using "gimp" is explained in detail in the following article.

Gimp free image editing! (win)

It is an image editing software that features an interface easy to use even for beginners. Available only for windows.

The palette of each function is intuitive and easy to operate, so you can easily use the image editing software.

The interface is similar to Photoshop, so it is an image editing software such as an introductory edition to use Photoshop in the future.

Inkscape (win / MAC / Linux)


Image editing software that can handle vector data instead of pixel data. Specifications for advanced users.

As well as MAC and windows, linuxis also supported and available on a wide platform.

It is a software that handles the image from the designer to the illustrator, and wants to use it all once. It is the feature of Inkscape which is strong in other image editing software such as Bezier curve and text tool.

How to use inkscroll is explained in detail in the following article.

Complex shapes can also be crisp! How to use Inkscape

Seashore (MAC)


Seashore is an image editing software that runs on a Macintosh. Basic image editing is from all-in-one to retouch.

You can edit the alpha channel directly, fine adjustment of the brush, and information panel.

Picmagick (WEB)

March 12, 2018

6 basic functions and 5 effects are easy to use. In the trimming of the image, the ratio can be set beforehand, and the aspect ratio can be trimmed.

In the rotation of the image, intuition operation is possible, and the operation is light is likely to be connected with evaluation.

There are also basic effects on the effects of sharp, soft, and sepia and Gree scales.

Free Photoshop software

There are a variety of image editing software that works on browser base and downloads and launches software.

With the development of the flash player, the number of the browser base can be increased, and the image editing can be done easily. It would be very useful for those who want to reduce software startup time.

As for the thing to download, it is rich in function not to think it is free. You can use it as much as Photoshop instead.

It is one of the many things introduced this time. First of all, let's use it from the interest and choose the software which is easy to edit the image.

Check the mac too

I really recommend it! 10 free video editing and processing applications

This time, I want to recommend to Mac users and introduce 10 apps that can be freely used and easily edited. It is recommended to install it because it is only an app that can finish the high quality, because it is free and easy to use.

Not to use! Free Photoshop express Photoshop Express

This time, we would like to introduce the best use of Adobe Photoshop express, Adobe Photoshop express, which can be used for free mobile devices. This app is not only useful for non designers, but it can be expected that designers can be satisfied with the completion, so for example, if you have a chance to work on a picture or image of a company's SNS account or home page, please install How about that?