10 powerful open source web traffic analysis tools

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-16

There are many web traffic analysis tools, ranging from professional and expensive like webtrends to powerful and free like Google Analytics, from those that need to be deployed separately on the server side to those that can be integrated from the front end. This article has collected and introduced 10 powerful open source web traffic analysis tools. Because they are open source, they can be deployed to your website for free.


Tracewatch is an open source web traffic analyzer that supports real-time analysis and provides in-depth analysis reports.


Based on PHP MySQL, at the same time, it can be integrated to the website through JavaScript or PHP script, like Google Analytics.


It can generate detailed real-time access reports of the site, based on PHP and MYSQL, and can also be integrated in the front end like Google Analytics.

Open Web Analytics

Php based, built-in support for WordPress, gallery and MediaWiki.


W3perl is a web log analysis tool.


Crawletrack is a good open-source alternative to Google Analytics, providing very unique reports. For example, crawletrack can help you prevent attacks such as SQL injection.


Bbclone is a web counter that provides a detailed access report. Based on PHP.


Based on the GNU / GPL open source protocol, it can provide a very detailed report of visitor information. Its GUI interface is very interesting and practical, and the installation is very simple.


It can provide very powerful access analysis reports on websites, FTP sites and even email servers, based on CGI.


Grape's interface is relatively simple. Although there are not many functions, it is very practical.

International source: 10 Amazing open source web analytics

Chinese translation source: the official website of CMS