how to install multiple wordpress sites on the local server

Posted by punzalan at 2020-03-16

Wordpress blog station building is widely used. The first time many webmasters touch the station building system is WordPress. Because WordPress is simple and easy to operate, powerful plug-ins, and a high mass base, this article introduces how to install multiple WordPress sites. You don't need to buy domain name and virtual host space. You can also play WordPress on the local server. Generally speaking, the stationmaster who has built the local server is not satisfied with the testing of one site, and often uses different sites for testing. How to install multiple WordPress sites on the local server?

1. Set up a local server (for related contents, please refer to how to set up a local server)

2. Download the WordPress installation program on the WordPress official website. It is suggested to create a new database Wp1 in the local database, which is convenient for management.

4. Install according to the normal WordPress installation program, and fill in the required information, including:

Database name (New Wp1),

User name and password, submit.

5. Set the background login password to enter the background management. At this time, the general template of WordPress is basically installed.

However, it should be noted that when replacing the WordPress template locally, you cannot install it correctly in the main menu "appearance", "theme", "upload new theme".

Copy the template folder to the local installation template folder. The general path is


In addition, you need to replace the first page of the installation template, that is, the index.php file, with the first page of the upload template. Then in the background of the local Wp1 site, if you enable the theme, you can change the relevant theme information.

Different from the dedecms installation, dedecms needs to change the installation files in the template station. Unlike the imperial CMS installation, it does not need to copy the database installation. WordPress's program installs multiple sites, which is equivalent to copying several sets of templates and reinstalling them, just to create a new database. Of course, it's OK not to create a new database, but it's troublesome to upload to the virtual host to split the database.

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