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* both the lecture meeting and the exchange meeting reached the capacity, so we closed the application. Thank you.

In Kyoto, which is the birthplace of manga animation, movies, movies, games, etc., it is rich in resources and talents of various fields such as tradition, culture sightseeing, fashion, music and food. In this seminar, we will hold a continuous seminar with top leaders who are active in the industry and explore the possibility and future of the content business and create a place for human resource development and exchange.

Theme: "the child of the weather" - the starting point of the story: Makoto Shinkai (director of animation): a member of the lecture meeting (the first half of the meeting) / an exchange meeting (100%) 1000 yen * the exchange meeting reached the capacity, and the application receipt was closed. Thank you.

Introduction of performers

Born in 1973, he was from Nagano Prefecture. In 2002, he made his debut in the short work "Hoshi no kOe" produced by an individual. This work won numerous awards including the new century Tokyo International Anime Fair 21 "award for Excellence Award". In 2004, the first feature film, "unreleased", won the 59th Mainichi film contest animation film award. In the 2007 Asian Games Film Festival "the best anime prize" at the 5th speed of 2007, the winner of the Lancia platinum Grand Prix at the future film festival in Italy. In 2011, the winner of the gold medal award for the Eighth China National comic book is awarded. In the "colloquial garden" published in 2013, he won the Grand Prix of long animated animation at the Stuttgart International Animation Festival in Germany. His name was published in Became a record blockbuster, and recorded the number of performances of the second successive generations after the '1000 Chihiro no Jingi' (01). At the 40th Academy Awards, he won the best director award and best screenplay award. In foreign countries, he won numerous film awards throughout Japan and abroad, including the 49th Catalonia International Film Festival Animation Award and the 42nd Los Angeles Film Critics Association prize Film Awards.

Exchange meeting; 3000 yen

The meeting fee will be accepted at the reception. * both the lecture meeting and the exchange meeting reached the capacity, so we closed the application. Thank you.

* please receive the "confirmation confirmation vote" returned at the reception of the web at the reception date. * you may refuse your admission if there is no "confirmation confirmation vote". * the photograph of the performer, the photograph shooting, the signature, the shooting and the recording of the lecture contents are refused firmly.

Kyoto chamber of Commerce

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The Kyoto chamber of Commerce and industry is the largest economic organization in Kyoto City supported by 12000 members.

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