y mobile friends! 100% excellent campaign introductory campaign!

Posted by tetley at 2020-03-16


Is there a campaign like a friend introduction to y Mobile?

There is no friend introduction, but you can substitute for another campaign.


There is a "friend introduction campaign" in the cheap sim.

Introducing the best SIM you are using to your family and friends.

There is no such an introduction campaign unfortunately.

There is no special Merritt.



Y Mobile has a lot of campaigns and can be substituted for them!

Especially, the family is made y mobile, and many Merritt is born. There are many cases that are better than the introductory campaign

So, this time, we have provided a campaign that can be used instead of the introduction campaign.

If you are looking for a person who would like to introduce or introduce, please also refer to me! There is no doubt that it can be contracted to get overwhelmed by this.

HP Pavilion online shop

! Limited campaign!

Conclusion: y Mobile has no friend introductory campaign!

In conclusion, y Mobile has no friend introduction campaign.

In other cheap Sims, we introduce many family members and friends, and we introduce the introduction campaign which we introduce.

But y Mobile has no such campaign.


You can substitute for another campaign.


So, it's no use talking about y mobile to friends and family.

Y Mobile has a lot of good campaigns and can be substituted for them.

Then I introduce one thing!

If you want to introduce the line of your line or family line

The campaign that can be used in the case of the line of the line

You can use the following three campaigns for your line or family line.

If you take advantage of these campaigns, you will get enough even without an introductory campaign.

Rather than the introduction campaign of the other company, the campaign of Y mobile is more effective.



Paypay bonus Lite reduction from Yahoo!

Yahoo! Mobile online store is launching a campaign with paypay bonus light.


The service is the same, but I do my own campaign.


Mobile phone - Yahoo!

The contractable plan and product itself are not changed to y mobile online store.

However, your own campaign is often done and paypay bonus lights are available. The amount of the award varies depending on the time, but as an example, I introduce the contents of the campaign in December


Paypay bonus Lite is available as the balance of the sumaho payment service "paypay".

In fact, I can pay the price of Y mobile by paypay, so I can use it as a discount of real y mobile.


By the way, this campaign can also be used in conjunction with family discounting and ostrich light set.

Latest campaign details here!

100% off! The most clever combination of Y mobile campaign details!

In this page, we will take full advantage of the campaign to teach you how to deal with WY mobile. Not only one campaign but also clever use. If you even read this article, you will be able to understand how many campaigns you can use.

Look at

Bing Web: Mobile

Family discount

Y mobile offers a discount service besides a limited time campaign.

One of them is "family discount".

If you transfer y mobile to multiple lines, you will be charged 500 yen per month after the second line (up to 9 lines).

For example, sumaru basic plan s is usually available at 2180 yen per month. It will be applied as long as there is no time limit for discounts and the conditions are met.


The plan for family discount is as follows.

Family discount is also applicable to a single line contract.

For example, you will receive a discount of 500 yen if you plan to contract the SMO basic plan s and data basic plan L.

Note that "ochuwari Hikaru set" will not be used, so be careful.

3. Owarari light set

The omewari light set is a service that is able to receive a discount of 500 yen per one line by setting the light line of the Softbank and the contract of Y mobile.

The target plan is:

The yabuwari light set will be discounted for up to 10 lines per line for an optical line.

For example, if the net of the house is Softbank light, and it uses five mobile mobile plan s for five people

500 yen

You can receive discounts every month.

If the home light line is Softbank, sumaru is very mobile.

The point of note is that it cannot be combined with the family discount introduced above.

Family discount can not be used when family discount is used, and family discount can not be used when applying the owarari light set.


Which is good for family discount and the mitsuwari light set?

If you are satisfied with the condition, the first set of light is recommended.


If you meet the conditions of both the family discount and the light set, the ochuwari light set is available.

Discounted amounts are 500 yen per line, but discount for family discount is limited to the second line or later.

Because the main line is also discounted, the discount price is 500 yen for the same number.


Therefore, if you meet both conditions, you can get a light set.

Caution in multiple line contract: the same name and sumaho contract up to 5 lines!

Please note that when you transfer y mobile to multiple lines, you can sign up to 5 lines in the same name.


That's why family discount and light set can be applied to more lines...

It's the number of lines including pocket WiFi.


As mentioned above, the family discount is applied up to nine lines, and the ten percent light set applies to ten lines including the main line.

"But can you only have five lines?" You think? (I also thought about it first)

In fact, "family discount is up to nine lines, and the number of light sets up to 10 lines" is the number of lines including sumaho and pocket WiFi.

Looking at QA of Y mobile, there is the following description.

The number of lines that an individual customer can register in the same name is up to 10 lines including voice data card.

Voice contracts (Smartphone keitai): up to 5 lines

Frequently asked questions

If only limited to sumaho, the maximum number of lines to be able to contract in the same name is five lines.

If you want to contract more than that, you should be careful not to be different.

Campaign available when you want to introduce friends

On the other hand, the campaign that can be utilized when you want to introduce a friend is as follows.

There is no friend introduction campaign in Y mobile, so there is no Merritt on the side to introduce it to a friend in the present situation.

However, family discount will apply to friends and lovers if conditions are satisfied.

If you can apply family discounts, you'll have enough value to introduce your friends to y mobile.

Actually, the mobile phone of Y mobile can be applied even if it is not a family.


Merritt gets a paypay bonus light

Yahoo! Mobile online store is launching a campaign with paypay bonus light.

The amount of the award is different depending on the time, but I introduce an example held in December



Paypay bonus Lite is available as the balance of the sumaho payment service "paypay".

Paypay can be used for daily shopping and pay for y mobile.

By the way, Yahoo! You can agree with the plan and terminal that can be contracted with y mobile online store.


A big friend Merritt is introduced. Is there anything Merritt to introduce?



Merritt to the present

Even if I introduce a friend and present, I do not have Merritt.

When introducing family, I used the family discount and the light set.

But if you introduce to friends there is no special Merritt or privilege.


Well, there's no Merritt to introduce your friends...

However, if you live in the same address with your friend, you can make a family connection.


Even if the referee is not a family, it is possible to assemble a family member in the same address.

Even if I introduce y mobile to a friend as mentioned above, unfortunately, there is no special merit.

However, if you share a room with a friend or live with a lover, it is different.

Because y Mobile's family share is not family, even if the address is the same.

If it is the same address, it applies to the same name.

The procedure is not so difficult, and if the address of the identity confirmation document is the same, if it is the same address, please use the family tree by all means in the same address.


Summary: y Mobile has no introductory campaign, but other campaigns should be utilized!

I made a campaign that can be used instead of friend introduction in Y mobile.


Y mobile does not have a friend introduction campaign.

However, you can substitute for other campaigns for yourself or your family.

You can get paypay bonus from Yahoo!

It is better to apply for family members, family discount and delivery light set. Honestly, I think it's better than an introductory campaign.

In addition, there are few special privilege in the case of oneself who introduces the friend.

However, if the address is the same, it is possible to make family discount without actually being a family. It is recommended that you have a family share or a family member who lives in a family room.

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