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Posted by barello at 2020-03-16

When you look at the homepage, it is not unusual to encounter a character image that doesn't know the name or an image that doesn't know the origin. In some cases, there are many people who can't find them within the expected time, and have spent a lot of time on the mud.

Therefore, if you want to look for an image similar to a specific image like this, it is a similar image search site. This time, we introduce a similar image search site that searches an image similar to an image.

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Use Google's Google search engine

Google can search information with various keywords. Do you really know that you can search for images? If you want to look for images similar to your images, let's take advantage of Google's image search.

1. Google

Google Image Search

Google Image search is a similar image search site offered by Google. Search from the image URL, upload the image of the hand, search the image from keyword and voice, and find an image. It is useful when you want to look at the image close to the image quickly.

In addition, even if there is no image, it can be specified by the keyword, so you can find the image you are looking for in a lot of images on the Internet. The image search option is excellent, and it is possible to narrow the image size, aspect ratio, color tone, region, etc.

In addition, there is a narrow filter as a unique filter. By default, you do not filter by license, but you can quickly find images that can be used for commercial purposes.

You can also use the Google Image search to display the PC version.

How to use Google search engine

First, access the Google Image search page.

Then click the camera icon. If you are using a smartphone, you can access the desktop version.

Then, the URL of the image or the image upload can be searched using the image instead of the text.

Chrome browser image search

Chrome browser image search

In addition to the Google Image Search introduced in "2", you can also search for a similar image using the standard functionality on the Chrome browser.

This is the same way that Google's image search uses Google's search, but Google's image search is a way to upload and search images. If you find an image you want to look at in the Chrome browser, click right on the image and click "search image by Google".

The Chrome browser's image search function can be used in a smart phone app, as well as a PC. When you search for the Chrome browser of the smart phone app, you will search "this image by Google" from the context menu that puts out the image you want to search. With this method, you can search instantly when you find an image you want to search while browsing the home page.

If you use Chrome browser, you can use it easily, so why don't you use it once in conjunction with Google Image Search?

Still there! Similar image search site

There are also useful pseudo image search sites besides Google's search function. If you don't find your favorite image on Google, try the following site.



Sausenao is a similar image search site that detects similar images in just two steps.

First, click the "select" button in the page to select the image you want to search from the saved image and upload it. Next, the work is completed by putting on "get sauce" search.

It is characteristic to display the percentage that the image is similar in percentage and display it in the similar order. Similar images that are detected and displayed at a time are less impressive than other services.

If you click an image that is detected as a similar image, you can search for an image similar to that image. It is a convenient point to find similar image to the imitation ceremony.   


Imagereader "imagereader" is a service that allows you to examine a similar image with up to 20 images using Google, Bing, yandex and three search engines.

You can use various sources such as image URL, XML site map, home page, Flickr, etc. Isn't it a point to be able to use a lot of sources or an image?

When uploading the image, the loading image is displayed, and when the search is finished, the result is displayed in the list. In addition to the image thumbnail, it is unique to list the URL of the homepage. In addition, you can view only searches from Google and rule based on the rules.     

5 tineye


Tineye searches similar images from locally saved images or image URLs. Unlike "sausnaao" of "4", it is easy to search the file without having to upload the URL.

You can also search for similar images directly from the image on the browser. It is convenient to search for a similar image, and it is convenient to search immediately when putting it.

The search results display the image thumbnail, the URL of the image to the right, and the like. Compared with the page that shows only the image, the image that can be checked at a time is reduced, but it is a perfect display method for the person who wants to know the URL and the file name. In addition, it is also a convenient point to change the order and order by image size and date.   



You can search for similar images in Russian search engine "yandex". After you click "image", you can upload your own image or enter an image URL.

When the search result comes out, a part of the image similar to the specified image is listed in the thumbnail format. It is useful to check similar images under the original image.

When you click on an image, you can narrow the search result by size, or share it with SNS.

Reduce work time on similar image search sites

With these methods, you can quickly search for images when you want to check the distribution of free materials or to know more about the image. A similar image search site also works when I want to examine whether there is a design similar to the designer and I want to examine whether there is a logo similar to a company.

Manage smartly

I want to know the source of the image! Google Image Search

This time we explain how to use Google Image Search. You can use the search feature to make better information gathering.

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