on the technology and application of financial investment risk assessment

Posted by barello at 2020-03-17

Abstract: with the continuous development of social economy and market economy system, the technology of financial investment risk assessment is more and more popular. This paper mainly discusses the technology and application of financial investment risk assessment. Key words: application analysis of financial investment risk assessment technology i. foreword in recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and market system, more and more enterprises have invested certain funds in financial investment in the economic development of their own enterprises. However, there are many risks in financial investment. When the risks are serious, the normal operation and economic benefits of enterprises will be seriously affected. Therefore, in the process of investment decision-making, many enterprises have more and more risk assessment of financial investment. Therefore, this paper mainly analyzes the risk assessment technology and application of financial investment. 2. Overview of financial risks (1) the meaning of financial risks financial risks refer to risks related to financial aspects, such as financial market risks, institutional risks, product risks, etc. according to normal financial theory, if a financial institution has risks, the severity of the consequences will generally be greater than that of the financial institution itself It's serious. In financial transactions, the After financial risk, the overall system of financial institutions will be seriously affected. In addition, when the situation is more serious, it will cause the relevant systems in the financial structure to fail to operate normally. If the systemic financial risk occurs, the normal operation of the entire financial institutions and system will fail, which is likely to cause the economic and social problems of the whole society The economic order is in serious disorder, which may lead to political crisis. (2) types of financial risks according to relevant research, financial risks are mainly divided into the following three categories: financial and financial risks are amplified, structural imbalance makes risks and risks in the process of stock investment. Among them, the financial and financial risks can be enlarged and divided into the following aspects: "beautifying" risk; loss of RMB exchange rate mechanism; risk in real estate can not be ignored; the effectiveness of capitalization management system is weak; interest rate risk is increasingly obvious; risk in mechanism transformation process is increasingly prominent. Combined with the fields and scope of risk, financial investment risk can be divided into the following two situations: one is the overall risk, the other is the non overall risk. Integrity risk refers to the same risk faced by every investor in an investment operation center, and it can not be effectively avoided. For example, in the stock market, these risks cannot be removed or effectively avoided for the floating impact caused by the stock price and the impact caused by the national macro-economic policies. Therefore, each enterprise should bear these risks accordingly. Non holistic risk refers to the impact of income and expenditure of interests in an investment category. For example, if an enterprise has litigation or internal staff fails to operate according to the normal management strategy or the investment operation is wrong, it may lead to a significant decline in the stock price of the company. This is a kind of investment behavior that can disperse the risk. It will only bring risks to the investment of the enterprise itself, but not to the investment of other enterprises. Third, the risk assessment technology and application of financial investment. (1) the VaR strategy is value at The abbreviation of risk, which means "online value", refers to the maximum loss value that may be caused by the formation of a financial asset or financial securities portfolio under the normal fluctuation of the financial market. The expression formula is as follows: in the above formula, prob refers to that the loss caused by the asset value is greater than the probability in the upper limit of the possible loss; Δ P refers to that The amount of value loss caused by a financial asset in Δ T within the fixed term of validity; α refers to the determined confidence level, and VaR refers to the value at risk under the determined confidence level α, that is, the upper limit of possible loss. In this formula, for the definition of VaR, the parameters of holding period and confidence level are very different. There is a positive proportion between confidence level and var. when the holding period of confidence level is longer or higher, VAR will increase. Therefore, when using this strategy to evaluate the risk of financial investment, effective measures should be taken to select the parameters normally. (II) in the process of evaluating or measuring the risk of integrity, β coefficient is usually used to operate the relevant aspects. The content of β coefficient measurement method can be defined as: using simple strategies to determine the actual situation of overall income in an asset's income

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