[food and drug daily] "autumn travel weekly" is worth seeing the introduction of rural travel places

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The charm and interest of autumn and rural travel

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In order to welcome the "Autumn Travel week 2019 (9.12-9.29)", the Rural Revitalization Department (director Jin Jingkui) introduced the rural travel places that connected the representative celebrations held in various regions with rural education farms, rural food stores, etc.

The rural travel places recommended by agricultural technology institutes in six regions, namely, Gyeonggi, Jiangyuan, Quanbei, QUANNAN, Qingbei and Qingnan, constitute a route that can not only enjoy the charm and charm of autumn.

Jingjidao agricultural park, "qiansong yiqianrihong report natural dyeing experience"

From September 21 to 22, "Yangzhou thousands of thousands of red celebration" in addition to the infrared sky, you can also see the flowers representing the autumn of bosju, Jiujie grass and so on. The Nana farm, where the celebration will take place, will open from September 1 to October 30.

"Green land information village" uses forest resources to operate forest visit and green experience, etc. it can make use of hand tofu production and the village's own direction for dyeing experience.

Near the village, there are "Yangzhou huangfangli beech tree", No. 278 natural monument, and the memorial hall commemorating Mr. Zhao Suyang, a patriot. They can be visited in connection with nature and history and culture.

Jiang Yuandao Institute of agricultural technology, "I met my pig friends and crossed the Yanshan scenic valley bridge"

The rural education farm "pig Culture Institute" is a comprehensive cultural space with education, leisure (leisure), accommodation and other spaces, especially for children and children's experience activities.

"Canduowei" is a representative food of charcoal pork ribs and mushroom barbecue hotpot made of wild vegetables and medicinal food. Taking the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity, it was honored with the epithet of "Olympic farm food store".

100 meters above the ground and 200 meters long, the shaking bridge on the salt mountain is a place where you can feel the tension. You can enjoy the blue water column of Toad River and the Salt River landscape known as xiaojingang mountain.

Quanluo Beidao Agricultural Technology Institute, "healthy autumn travel for rest, eating, drinking and playing in the town of red ginseng special zone"

This year's "Zhenan Sequoia Festival" will be held from October 9 to 13, which will display a variety of delicacies developed by Zhenan Sequoia. It is an activity program that can be enjoyed by both men and women, old and young, with rich views and experience distance.

"Zhenan vanilla game" of rural education farm produces a variety of herbs and blueberries in a farm of about 10000 square meters. You can not only observe plants, but also experience the experience of making vanilla toothpaste and blueberry flowerpot.

"Red lotus" is a kind of healthy table made of red ginseng cultivated and processed by ourselves. With the water meat of Redwood as the center, you can taste salad, pickles, fried and other clean food with red ginseng.

Quanluonandao Agricultural Technology Institute, "colorful red leaf travel in Xiaozhi town"

"The cry of Shen Qing Festival" will be held from October 3 to 6 in "a member of the crying toad Jinjiang Railway Village". Nearby, there is also a regional mutual market, "the market for the standard of the train hall", which provides a variety of attractions.

The "meixilan rice coffee shop" of the farm food store takes the five color beauty and crying specialty taro and lotus root sprouted by organic farmers as food materials, and can feel the taste of local food materials.

In addition, there are many tourist places designated as the national wetland protection area, such as Chanjin River dormitory wetland, Chanjin River track bike, Tai'an Shituan wind road, family rural experience rest village, etc., which can plan romantic travel in autumn.

Qingshang Beidao Agricultural Technology Institute, "autumn natural travel with five senses"

Fengjiang farm, a rural education farm located in fengjiang palm Park, has a former farm tool exhibition farm and freshwater fish farm, etc., and has operated experience projects such as tofu making, boating and persimmon picking.

"Toule" is a place where rice and mulberry leaves (mulberry leaf powder) are mixed with vegetables and persimmons, and "mulberry leaf dinner table" is set up.

In addition, there are many kinds of autumn tourist places around Luodong River, such as Shangzhou Museum, national Luodong River Biological Resources Museum, international horse riding field, Bicycle Museum and daonanxiyuan.

Qingshang Nandao Academy of agricultural technology, "please come and have a rest in dungu with flowers and literature"

From September 21 to 27, the "Qingma flower celebration" is a cultural and artistic activity with the theme of wild flowers in autumn, which combines regional culture and special products. This year, the "Qingma Literature Festival" will be held.

The Qingma memorial hall is a place where we can observe Liu chenghuan's life and literature. There is the poet's former residence next to the memorial hall.

The rural experience center in tude operates the experience activities full of rural interest, such as picking grapes, digging sweet potatoes, and fried rice cakes.

Li Mingshu, head of the rural resources section of the Rural Revitalization department, said: "I hope you can plan a happy and special autumn trip by referring to the rural travel routes related to various celebrations held in various places."

In addition, the introduced autumn rural travel route can be confirmed on the billboard of world house (www.rda. Go. KR) of the Rural Revitalization department and the agricultural technology portal "agricultural road" (wwwwww. Nongsaro. Go. KR). Reporter Cui Zhimei