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Posted by santillano at 2020-03-17

It's easier to build your own website than before. Content management system (CMS). Using this platform, there is no need to write a line of code for content development, theme installation, function addition and other activities.

According to statistics, wordpreess is the most widely used CMS. Today, 27.8% of all websites in the Internet world are strengthening. Generate 50000 new sites per day. But this is the most popular CMS, which doesn't mean it's the only option.

There is no one size fits all solution for web design and development. Whether you are a blog or an entrepreneur, whether you are a legal person, your website has your digital expansion function. To build your authority, everything from blog posts to website layouts needs to be sprayed on personal brands.

By choosing CMS, we can set the direction of web development in essence. Most CMS can achieve the same goal as professional website in a few hours, but there are several important differences that affect the operation and maintenance of website.

Let's look at the differences between the three most famous cm platforms. Press, zoom and Drupal.

Fast ratio

Before performing all other tasks, provide a brief overview of the following three platforms. Provide statistics through Internet data.):


Wordpries is considered the best platform for beginners. But Mount Everest is not far away At the same time, the soft learning curve provides users with a familiar interface and simple modules.

Both new blogs and experienced web designers are excellent choices for you.

Compressor rod (drupal

There is no doubt that word presses are easier to learn than Drupal. But not as strong or as safe as Drupal. You don't need to be a coding expert to use Drupal, but functionally, you need a little experience.

If it's the first time to make a phone call with a blog, it's for your better choice. However, if you are familiar with HTML, you can provide better Drupal extensibility.

Let's take a closer look at each of the questions in order to make a decision.

Pressing machine

Start with the most popular facial mask

Wordpreess is the best CMS for beginners and simple blogs. Here's what nirav Dave, CTO and co-founder of Capsicum mediaworks, thinks. More than 100 reasons to like WordPress The site is ideal for people who want to get started and run it right away. You can create a multi topic, plug-in, and external tool that you can use in one day.

Pro 1: easy to use and user-defined

One of the most popular CMS specials is that most plumbing platforms already include wordpreess's simple installation capabilities. This "one click Install" tool can save a lot of time and prevent general errors caused by new site owners.

In addition to installation, CMS can be easily viewed based on wordpreess system. You can directly access all the site settings in the blog bulletin board here. You can write your own blog in a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the charge board, you can move to the next step to choose your own theme. Edit your profile personal options.

Wordpreess will install the basic themes for the new site. Move here for easy changes. Shape theme. Wordpreess has thousands of free themes, but it's easy to end up with a regular website.

Fortunately, if you use each theme, you can quickly specify specific visual elements such as background pictures, menus, and titles. In addition to themes, you can customize other aspects of your site, such as menus, pages, and annotation systems.

When you add features, you can rely on WordPress. You can quickly merge plug-in specific features. Please use optical format, image slider or query format. Just install the right plug-in.

To find the right plug-in, visit. Add plug-ins.

Pro 2: various learning materials and excellent communication

Once again, because of its popularity, the Internet is full of news self-study books, tour guides and other learning materials. A good start is the official knowledge repository for wordprescodes CMS. Refer to the support forum for answers to specific questions.

Of course, users cannot become experts through online guides. So in order to learn YouTube tutorial series, ebook or WordPress related blogs and other technologies, we need to find various learning materials. Individual plug-ins and themes will be provided with a self-study book package, so you can make the most of it.

Dissatisfied with WordPress:


Jomla and WordPress are similar in many ways Easy to use, easy to install, easy to expand. Same as module wordpreess plug-in. As a result, that's for beginners' second choice.

Pro 1: easy to use, easy to learn.

Although appearance is a preference issue, Zhou MLA's user interface is more modern and clean. One of the advantages over wordpreess is that the menu has been extended to the extent that it can be started, and new report making, template composition and other functions are carried out through CMS.

However, because there are many options available to beginners, it may be more difficult to search week MLA. In addition to the menu on the left, there are menus on the top bar of the dashboard logo. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that some of the items on the left and top, including content, users, and extended features, are similar.

Like world news, jomla has the style and templates to make the site unique. However, among the three content management systems, Zhou MLA provides the simplest solution for creating social networks. Using the same platforms as easysocial and jomsocial, it's very easy to create social networks.

Jomla is a community portal You can find some useful information here, such as guides, tips and tricks. You can see the segmentation wizard on how to protect the jommla site from the Security Checklist.

Pro 2: update smoothly

Using wordpreess will cause plug-in compatibility problems due to updates, and the website may not function properly. Because it's almost not the case with jomla, it's boring to maintain management for a long time.

If you want to update jommla, wait for the system to confirm the update after you see the maintenance menu. Not only the extension program, CMS will confirm every time it moves to the control panel, so confirm frequently.

Pro 3: provides more basic settings

Compared with wordpreess, weekly MLA is more comprehensive for setting. You can change your site name, basic security characters, content permissions, permissions and other settings by configuring text. You can specify SEO settings in search engines to improve the ranking of websites.

Although there are more options, jomla's setup page has all the elements.

Things that don't satisfy jomla


Skilled web developers prove that Drupal is the most powerful CMS. However, it is also difficult to use. Because of its softness, Drupal is the second CMS commonly used in the world, but it is not very popular with beginners.

Pro 1: the most cutting-edge CMS

The main difference between a different content management system and Drupal is the installer. With Drupal, information about the site to be configured is already displayed in the installation. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Although Drupal is advanced, it still provides a simple and minimal interface.

You must have easy access to these basic features, such as adding content and installing themes. These can be accessed in Drupal's basic menus, which are basically on the website.

But Drupal is following a technical approach to building the site layout and structure. For example, sections of websites such as menus, titles, and content will follow the "block" system. Each block is created and run in pure HTML code. Although there is a block set, such as shortcuts, bottom text, and information, it is likely to spend a lot of time in future block coding.

Fortunately, there is a useful guide to learn and understand Drupal's usage. And through the website to provide a wide range of documents and excellent support. It is also possible to rely on. Provide the structure and components of deployment in advance, do not conduct extensive coding, and quickly build specific types of websites.

Pro 2: Entertainment level security

CMS, which gives authority to government websites, has no reason to doubt Drupal's security capabilities. Once the security vulnerability is detected, it will be published on the website immediately and users will be informed continuously.

You can go, too. Management configuration system cron CMS allows automatic updates.

Drupal powered websites are less dependent on plug-ins, so as long as they are constructed correctly, the general performance will be improved. The main reason is less resource intensive.

Things Drupal may not like

WordPress week, Drupal vs. what's best for beginners

David Attard of dart creation recommends wordpreess as a CMS for beginners. " As a web designer who uses all three of the above CMS, wordpreess is clearly the simplest of the three, no doubt. "

Jomla has been used in CMS for a long time, mainly focusing on cm. On the contrary, wordpreess extends from blog to CMS.

Although wordpreess always focuses on maintaining things, the general ideas used by the general public and the audience of jomla are always a little technical. In fact, most jomla beginners complain about your steep learning curve - once you're done, it's powerful. However, without a lot of prior notice, someone needs to quickly set up the web page, and wordpreess must be used.

Drupal has always been a gap tool designed for designers / developers, and often needs to be used and built for developers working on the website.

David creations

"All 3 can make a good website," said Jerry Virgo, owner of Virgo network design. "But because of the popularity of wordpreess, there are many good theme design options for beginners, so for beginners."

Of the three, Druid eight is the worst for beginners. Semi intuitive user interface is very difficult to use, many tasks are best to use the command line, resulting in a steep learning curve.

Wordpreess is the easiest interface to use, and users are familiar with programming, so it's the easiest to develop.

Jomla's user interface is as easy to use as wordpreess, and keeps the more modern MVC in the middle. But expansion or development, MVC akidek is difficult to understand, so there will be a learning curve.

Developers who use modern architecture and inherited development frameworks such as Drupal and jomla are excellent, but it's less difficult for beginners to start with wordpris.

Jerry girl, Virgo Web Design

Reed Adler at the same level of network agent presentation mentioned that customers compare wordpreess with others. " If it's easy to use, our customers overwhelmingly choose wordpris. "

The company is located in Chicago, a professional website design and development company, which has established the website in the past 9 years. We naturally experienced a variety of platforms.

[customer] said website management was not easy. In most cases, text, pictures and even video recorders can be added, deleted and modified to control their digital destiny.

Beginners like the intuitive function of WordPress. In particular, your permissions have been saved to the previous version. In this way, the "improvement" page can be restarted without any trouble.

On the contrary, Drupal has too many options, which often leads to confusion among the first minds. In order to provide a choice on the screen, jomla copied the buttons and links with the same functions.

Inspirational Adam, gay network agent

Osturaining's Nick savov director named wordpreess the best CMS for absolute beginners. " Ostraining is the best education website in the world of open source cms, so we have a unique position to objectively analyze these 3cms. "

For absolute beginners, wordpreess is really the best CMS to start with. Easy to use. User interface intuitive, learning simple workflow, easy to manage the site.

In addition, because 25% of the web pages are strengthened, there are large communities and ecosystems. Businesses and individuals have developed a variety of products and services to support you and your website.

For example, subject companies, wordpreess specific plumbing companies, and training companies.

You can use 50000 when you need a plug-in that extends WordPress. Through plug-in search, you can easily find the required plug-ins and find new plug-ins.

Finally, WordPress provides excellent interchangeability during the upgrade.

For this reason wordpreess is the best choice for absolute beginners.

Choosing CMS is an important stage for website owners. In order to determine the platform suitable for your own needs, please study in depth.