[peeking at the star menu] make chocolate cake into fish?

Posted by deaguero at 2020-02-19

What kind of menu do you think of when you hear "painning restaurant"? Grilled steak, fried French fries with yogurt, safrani and Most people think of this kind of food But there are more and more restaurants trying out different menus. I don't know what kind of food it is, the unique and creative food that shakes its head now appears. " By peeking at the star menu, carefully analyze the original shape of these magical dishes. The second menu is a mix of golden defense and fish cake. Why introduce that common food? If you look at it directly, it will change your mind

Dishes that can be tasted in the French restaurant run by chef Akira. South Korea's akirab, who initially became the chief chef of Las Vegas hotel restaurants, starred in the American food duel show "steel Chef" in 2008. His menu, nicknamed "cream Chef", nods, which is very novel. At present, he operates Modern Jazz restaurants in Las Vegas, Dubai, Jakarta, New Delhi and other countries. In 2016, the modern Korean restaurant Taoist (dosa by Bai Shengxu).

"Gold defense and fish ink mixture" introduced in the video is the cuisine of Taoist restaurant.

Chocolate cake and corn and really unknown green sauce It's an awkward combination. Why do they put it on one plate? Look at the chocolate cake first It's not chocolate that looks like a sweet chocolate cake, it's fish The right thing is defense. Put maryanid's wings on the black bread flour dyed with squid ink. After that, if you bake it in a frying pan, you will have a wonderful defense steak like a chocolate cake.

Next is corn Although it looks real, it's not real corn either. The real face of this is fish cake What's the fish cake mix? First put the radish and soy sauce into the water, then stir the cream. Then put this on the baby console to solidify. But wait a minute It's called "purey" but where's the seafood? Didn't you make dialect just now? Fish (fish cake) and radish are fish cake soup. Although there is no fish cake soup, radish with fish is called fish cake soup.

And finally, seasoning Because it's green. If it must be mustard, it's a miscalculation. Because mustard, of course, is a sweet and sour vinegar sauce mixed with green pepper and vinegar.

Now that you know what they really look like, let's find out how to eat. The answer is simple. Cut the defense and fish cake into the size of food, and smear them on the grassland. Then put it on the fork and it's over!

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