2018 security monitoring, xueliang project inventory!

Posted by lipsius at 2020-03-18

Extra large monitoring

3559 in 2018

Security monitoring, Xueliang project, Ping'an City Project

(3559 ≈ 70% of the total number of projects in the whole country)

The following data are from the real bid winning information

1. There is no doubt that the local public security bureaus are big purchasers!

Public security department and Public Security Bureau to distinguish provincial projects and prefecture / district / county projects

2. Among all projects, "snow project" is the most dazzling!

More than 10 million projects account for nearly 1 / 3.

The following is the proportion of the bid winning amount of 290 "Xueliang projects" monitored in extra large scale ↓

❶ Xueliang project purchaser

85% is

Local public security bureaus

Office of local social security comprehensive management committee

15% is

Local political and legal committees

Local smart city construction office

❷❷❷ the winning bidder of Xueliang project, and the operators account for half of the total!

There are so many big projects in jiaxueliang. Please take over 20 million to raise your eyes

3. 60% of the projects are essentially "public security video monitoring construction networking application" projects

At present, the pain points of public security users are:

1. Front end, bayonet (vehicle bayonet, portrait bayonet) collection management ability is not strong

3. In the middle, the function of monitoring platform is not perfect

4. Upper level, lack of deep practical application

Therefore, such projects are generally divided into three major parts of construction.

Some are done by a general integrator, some are subcontracted.

❶ construction of front-end points

Including: camera, pole, lightning protection grounding, power supply access, front-end network, etc

Mainly new and new points. Now they are all directly on "HD" devices.

At the same time, transform the old point. Replace the original "SD" with "HD".

❷ the construction of the platform is the video network sharing platform

Including: Video private network, public security networking platform, video sharing platform, comprehensive governance networking platform, social resource access platform, operation and maintenance management platform, etc

Generally, distributed cloud architecture is adopted. Storage is also cloud storage.

Construction of practical application of ❸

Including: video image analysis application, video cloud retrieval, image search, public security practical application, checkpoint application, mobile phone information collection application equipment, etc

❹ in addition to the above "standard construction", there are some more popular construction at present

For example:

Construction of geographic information system

Construction of portrait recognition system

The construction of vehicle secondary identification system


The ultimate goal of the construction is: full coverage, full network sharing, full-time availability, and full controllable

3. We can see some lists with "local characteristics" emerging with policies

For example: open burning infrared video monitoring project

In 2018, it appeared intensively in Hebei counties.

The biggest list is 89.56 million.

The background of the project is: in 2018, Hebei Province printed and issued the implementation plan for the special rectification of straw and garbage burning along the Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, and built an online video monitoring system to achieve early detection and early disposal.

The structure of such projects is relatively simple: thermal imaging + HD camera, which is generally installed on the communication tower along the village or road, can cover a radius of 3-5km. If the front-end thermal imaging equipment is cruising, if it detects a fire point, it will push the alarm information to the sky no fire control platform.

4. There are too many items and too long tables in the list of ten million large orders


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