[luokuanhu column] the police department must set up "anti espionage business 3.0"

Posted by barello at 2020-03-18

Install the executable file, confirm the installation of malicious code hidden by the public office / check the URL, domain name and IP address frequently by the "anti espionage business 3.0" of the police department / unknown person to connect the malicious code infection

[news J] there are thieves who steal articles or advertising text that they don't know the source, secretly set up "spy business", and take away the smartphone account and everything in the smartphone. The police department must set up "anti espionage advertisement 3.0" to prevent illegal hackers from invading, and conduct real-time monitoring and search.

The "antispyware application 3.0" released by the police department includes confirmation and deletion of running file settings and malicious code provided by the public office in recent phone fraud and other losses.

With the development of IT technology, it thieves are more and more rampant. Through undercover into the smart phone, including phone fraud, network account was stolen, and even for eavesdropping and poaching, set up remote control video, secretly hide to see. It is necessary to carry out defense. One of the preventive measures is to conduct regular inspection through the "anti espionage business 3.0" of the police department. Trouble has to be done. I didn't know until my account was stolen.

The behavior of it thieves is as follows.

[application installation guidance] in order to pretend to be a financial institution, investigation institution, etc. for loans, investigation procedures, fraudsters conceal the need to set up relevant "applications", and download relevant applications by informing URL, domain name, IP address, etc., or set up remote control applications, so that the direct victims of fraudsters can download directly There are also times when malicious code is installed on the phone.

[induced confirmation phone] when the swindler induces the victim to disbelieve, the police, the financial supervision institute, the bank and so on will make confirmation phone call. When the victim tries to make confirmation phone call in the police, the financial supervision institute, the bank and other places, the victim will directly receive the outgoing phone call with malicious code.

[Second posing as] the fraudster deceives the police, the financial supervision institution and the bank through the victim's attempt to confirm the phone call again, using the technique of reassuring the victim

Because it is a police, procuratorial and financial institution, it is highly possible to install applications with unknown sources or induce confirmation of phone calls. You can't download or install the running file (. APK) from an unknown source. As long as you connect to the URL, domain name, and IP address that the other party doesn't know, you may be infected with malicious code, so be careful.

In the "environment setting" of smart phones, to block the setting of "apps from unknown sources", the police department often uses "Paul antispyware app 3.0" or the latest anti-virus software to check.

If the police department believes that the mobile phone is infected by malicious code, it can initialize the smart phone or use anti-virus software to delete the malicious code, If you receive the malicious code installation guidance information, please log in to "protect the country" and make a declaration through the "fraud accident" menu.

Professor Luo Guanhao (representative and issuer of news J / Director of Christian Exchange Institute / Policy Advisory Committee of future wood Society Forum / selected 200 lecturers in South Korea / lectures on popular culture / dementia family tutor / member of new NLP Association / critic / psychotherapy expert)

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