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Among the people who come from technical background to be safe, brother Dou can be said to be a little "not doing his job". This is not because he has been idling and doing nothing all day, but because he has invested too much energy in safety, which makes him not only put a pile of heads on the forehead, but also put a dark circle under his two eyes.

In that time when flower names were not very popular, brother doodle was quite fashionable. The reason is very simple. He is afraid of being scolded by others when they are angry, so he hopes to borrow the name of "McDull", a lovely cartoon character, to make the population merciful. Later, with the growth of age and seniority, I was used to being called "DuGe" by others, and I just enjoyed it.

So, brother Dou actually looks like this.

Sorry, it's misplaced

People who know him all know that he used to be the head of web security product line and infrastructure security in a super large Internet company in China. Of course, he hasn't lost his job, just changed his post.

In addition, he also wrote a well-known self-Media in the security circle, "brother Dou takes you to learn security". From time to time, he shares some of his ideas and opinions on network security to readers in the form of knowledge. As soon as I was happy last year, I wrote three books about machine learning, also known as the AI security trilogy,

For these books, some people actually ask: how do you think of one of them, introduction to machine learning for web security? However, the only answer is that he "didn't explain the specific algorithm formula in detail".

Obviously, it will not be that he forgot, did not understand, and could not be that he did not write well, so the only reason is that he did not want to.

Ten years ago

"I failed in the college entrance examination."

Recalling the starting point of safety, brother Dou traced all this back to his college entrance examination.

In fact, when brother Dou said this, I was very happy, because whenever someone said that he didn't do well in the college entrance examination, I felt that I had found a confidant, found a resonance, and thought that two people would feel sorry for each other because of the same illness, and then I could talk about everything.

"My classmates got the top prize in Hubei Province, but I was only ranked in more than 300 in Hubei Province at that time. This result made me unable to choose the major I was interested in in in Tsinghua and Peking University, so I failed in the college entrance examination."

Oh, hehe.

So he stayed in Wuhan that year, chose the major with the highest score requirement of Huazhong University of science and technology, and entered the school under the title of the highest score in Hubei Province.

This major is called telecommunication, which is coincidentally related to network security.

In fact, when the story goes on here, brother Dou has not collided with safety in any way. It's just that since I chose this major, I will study hard on the ground, and even if I have achieved something in the end, I won't go on this road all the time, and I don't think there will be "brother Dou" in the safety circle.

Fortunately, in the sophomore year, there was a course called data structure. Of the 200 students in the whole grade, only brother Dou scored 90 points. At that time, a teacher who often formed a team and developed some projects had a strong "interest" in him.

When the teacher said "Iwantyou" to brother Dou, his face turned red and he agreed. Since then, he has participated in the research of network security related projects such as security router, security switch, management software and firewall, and officially opened his own security career.

So, there will be an opportunity for everything. Brother Doo's opportunity is that exam, but even he didn't think of it. This opportunity directly set the clock back for ten years.

Ten years later

After two years of internship in network security related projects, brother Dou got the direct and broad quota of the school through selection in his senior year. In short, after graduating from the undergraduate program, I have directly studied for a doctor's degree, which is the direction of network security.

After more than a year's work, brother Dou always thinks it's not the case. After he likes and gets used to the research and development of network security projects, he can't accept the feeling of doing research work on campus. So he left school secretly, took part in school recruitment, and then got the offer of Internet giant.

Just three months before arriving in Beijing, brother Dou confessed that he was not used to it. Compared with Wuhan, Beijing has a drier and more congested climate, a faster pace of life and greater pressure. But brother Dou knows that what he needs at this time is a broad stage, and for security, only Beijing can provide him with enough platform.

From 2008 to 2018, the time witnessed the first ten years of doogo in the security circle. In this ten years, he also witnessed the growth of an enterprise's security from immature to mature.

From the first five years in charge of enterprise security, to later in charge of the research and development of cloud security products, to now in the 30-year-old "old age" from the role of team leader into the AI research room as an architect and researcher, DuGe takes the initiative to walk out of the comfort zone with his own transformation every time.

He described it to me like this: omnipotent charging was so powerful many years ago. How could you imagine that in today's unified charging interface, it will never be found again. He felt that there was nothing wrong with continuing to make his safety products and muddling along, but the times would not say hello in advance if they abandoned themselves.

Therefore, he has been taking the initiative to adjust. In this decade, he has not stopped struggling.

Brother Dou told me that in the past ten years, he had the honor to go through two historic periods for him, which also brought him two great changes in his mentality.

One is the golden age of his internal construction, which is mentioned in brother Gu's autobiography, a history of ten years of struggle for woodlouse engineers. In short, for a long time, the safety team of brother Dou needs to explain to the above why safety should be done and what is the cost performance of investment. At this time, a famous foreign tycoon joined the security team, which changed the "why to do security" into "how to do security better". Therefore, in this period is the time when enterprises invest the most in human resources and their own safety, which has become the "golden age".

Through this period, his biggest feeling is that he will one day become the so-called "pure party a" in the world by buying the third party's safety products blindly. This made him have a great sense of crisis, because he felt that these products are not his own, and often for such a large enterprise as himself, usually there are many inapplicable places. So he wants to invest more energy in developing his own safety products.

The second is the period when doogo's team began to shift from internal security to external security services. Before that, doogo's work was mainly for internal users, and internal users are often difficult to put forward their own needs. After the transformation to the R & D of foreign products, doogo began to contact more and more different users. Through the collection and feedback of user needs, the product iteration was finally launched to the market, which made doogo grow greatly and gain more sense of achievement.

Self study machine learning

At the beginning of the article, he wrote the trilogy of AI security field, but in fact, he was not an expert in machine learning for a long time.

In the past, network security was not valued at home. When it was suddenly promoted to the level of national security, the shortage of talents was exposed at this moment.

Although there has not been an accurate figure of talent gap in China, compared with the lack of 1 million network security talents in neighboring Japan, China should be several times that.

So in the case of such a shortage of talents, we need to do repetitive and boring things artificially. This is the opportunity for brother Dou to do machine learning.

He thinks that, on the one hand, some of the older automated things can be completely delivered to machines for completion; on the other hand, in terms of deeper network confrontation, when AI has not been widely used in the security field, the dark industry that we are fighting against has already figured out the way. For example, AI can automatically crack voice verification codes, generate malicious comments, etc., black production is superior to security enterprises in the application of AI technology. Therefore, from the perspective of attack and defense, we must also take up AI weapons to resist.

In addition, there is another angle because security itself has the characteristics of rules written by security technicians, which leads to how smart people are and how smart security products are. But in fact, with the development of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of malicious samples on the mobile and PC side, the traditional rules have been difficult to achieve coverage. Therefore, the investment of new technology is an effective way to protect network security, and machine learning is a very good choice.

For these three reasons, he decided to devote himself to machine learning.

Brother Dou compares machine learning to luxury, because the cost of learning machine learning is too high.

He said that he first studied about 20 books on machine learning, and it took him half a year to initially understand some papers of professional nature, so that he could really master the skills related to machine learning, which took two years.

So when Doo began to plan to write the AI trilogy, his first thought was to try to reduce the learning cost of machine learning, so he tried not to talk about formulas, using popular examples to help readers understand the algorithm of machine learning, making technology as civilian as possible, and being used.

This also explains why some people say that there is "no detailed explanation of specific algorithms and formulas" in the book.

"Brother Doo takes you to learn safety"

Some day in the future, the official account is not a brother's plan. He never thought he had been in charge of safety for ten years. He could be recognized by another in another way.

Brother Dou told me that in his past communication with customers about products, he found that many customers are not from the technical background of network security, most of them are operation and maintenance or part-time security personnel, which leads to many basic security requirements that can be solved through simple configuration or network planning, and customers do not have the knowledge in this regard.

However, these basic safety knowledge often lack corresponding books and textbooks in the market. Many people who want to learn the Internet security are hard to lay a good foundation. This makes the pocket brother have the idea of running the official account, writing articles, and promoting science and technology network safety knowledge.

Therefore, Doo's initial position is to help junior and intermediate security practitioners better understand the knowledge of network security and complete their own network security skills. At first, he was worried about no one to pay attention to, because the content of the article really biased towards the foundation, but in fact, everyone agreed with it, and the response was unexpected.

As for why he wrote the AI trilogy later, the reason for brother Dou is very simple. Because the official account is often copied by others. He will do two books without stopping. Write a book, with copyright, maybe we can better respect our research results.

The deep learning of official account is the same as the public number of the three books. It is also for junior or intermediate readers. So there is the introduction of web safety machine learning, which is popular science. It tells the real learning of web security and the brother's latest research results and viewpoints, Web's reinforcement learning and GAN.

If it can be expressed by code or chart, it will try not to use formula; if it can explain the principle by story, it will try to avoid hard description, so that the audience can be wider and learning easier.

Brother Dou told me something interesting. Because writing books takes up a lot of spare time every day, especially at home, so he can't give his daughter enough company.

His daughter always pesters him to ask why he doesn't play with her. Brother Dou tried to reason with his daughter, saying that he wanted to write a book in order to earn more money to buy her playful toys and beautiful clothes. At first, my daughter could accept it. Slowly, when brother Doo said the same thing about quitting to send her away, she said to her, "I have enough toys, enough clothes, and no money."

Later, the publishing house gave priority to sending some printed books to brother Dou. Because he was busy, he threw them aside. I didn't expect my daughter to take the book to her hand and read it conscientiously, though it was the opposite.

It was originally an interesting thing, but in the end, I found more warmth and moving.

Brother Gu thinks that the process of writing books is actually the process of making his own learning, because many of the materials in his book are derived from his own research notes accumulated in the past, or articles published in public official account, so the process of writing books is actually the finishing of his own learning process.

Whether it's writing a book or being safe, persistence is the best virtue.

Written in the end

He said that he planned to write ten books in his life, seven of which were related to his major, and the remaining three were allocated to his hobbies and interests.

At present, he is more inclined to eat food or hand skewers. Although he is not from Beijing, he has to have several wrapped paper games for ten years.

I asked him what kind of state a person with pure technical background would enjoy more as a writer and a lecturer of security knowledge in the past ten years.

He thinks that he is a technical leader and likes to drive people through technology, so whether it is to lead employees, readers or students with technology, as long as it can help more people, it is good.

By the way, brother Dou complained to me that the broken book was selling so fast that he couldn't eat. So he once wanted to open a barbecue shop to solve his livelihood problem, and finally found that he could open a barbecue stand at most.


It's just a joke. Brother Dou's book has actually been sold to the top ten computer books of the year of China Machinery Industry Press. So if you don't move your little hand, you will lose your hand. The corresponding e-books are sold on Amazon, Jingdong, Douban and other platforms. They are not expensive