stories of ancient hackers

Posted by santillano at 2020-03-18

Hello, everyone. What is a hacker? Now we are talking about this word. Everyone is familiar with it. Maybe everyone has different ideas, but everyone will have their own understanding. What is the ancient time? We always think of Houyi, Chang'e and Dayu when we talk about the ancient time. But in the field of computer information technology, we can't talk about the ancient time for more than 100 years. Why? Because the invention of computer is only a few decades, in this field, less than a hundred years has been ancient.

Today I'm going to tell you the story of ancient hackers.

The first hacker in the world is a hero

Do you know who is the first hacker in the world? This person may not be very familiar to all of you, because I searched the Internet before my speech. The name of this person can not be searched in the Chinese Internet world, and there is no search result.

First of all, we pushed this time to the Second World War. During World War II, France also produced a figure similar to China's Wang Jingwei, betang (see the figure below). Wang Jingwei, as we call him, is a traitor. He is shaking hands with Hitler. At that time, France surrendered to the Nazi government of Germany. They also established a traitor government, which is Hitler's running dog.

Beton (first from left) and Hitler

So they also carried out the infamous action of Nazi Germany to establish a list of Jews in France. Why should they establish a list of Jews? Because we know that the Nazis carried out a policy of extermination towards the Jews. But Jews and other Europeans are a little indistinguishable from each other in appearance. They are almost the same in length, and there is no essential difference.

So, if you go to the street with a gun and say who's Jewish, he won't tell you. It's scattered in the whole country. If you say directly that I'm going to catch all of them now, I'm sure all of them have run away. So the Nazi method is also a gradual one. First, find out and set up a list, and then send it to the concentration camp for slaughter.

In what name did the French do it? In fact, the Nazis did this in many countries, in the name of population registration. This seems to be a normal thing. Registration includes name, age, gender, occupation, marriage or not, and who your parents are. In addition, a very important thing, religious belief, has been added. This one didn't exist before. Why? Jews believe in Judaism. This article can be used to separate the Jews.

But we want to register the population in the whole country is a huge project. It's very difficult in the age when there is no computer. In fact, there was already a computer at that time, not an electronic computer, but a mechanical computer. Maybe the friends here have heard that the earliest computer is not an electronic computer. It uses a series of unconventional and complex machines, such as gears and levers, to complete operations. It can also be programmed or stored data.

Although different from today's computers, there is no way to compare the performance, but it is still much faster than the calculation based on manpower. Who helped the Nazi make the computer? With good eyes, you can see what are the three smaller golden letters in the middle of this machine? Yes, IBM sold a lot of computers to Nazis to help them count Jews. This is a black history that IBM is still reluctant to mention.

The computer on the PPT behind him is made by IBM

So friends here, if any of your friends work in IBM in the future, he will slander your company. For example, he said, "tiger sniffing is not very good, there are still many advertisements." how do you say to go back? Your company has helped Nazis kill Jews before. All of a sudden back, so that people must read more. Because I'm talking about a painful topic, I'll adjust it.

How is the program of mechanical computer written and where is its data recorded? At that time, there was no hard disk. His program was written on the punched card, and the recorded data was also recorded on the card. Among the data used by Nazis to record human information, each row of punched and non punched corresponds to 0 and 1 in the computer, and the 11th row of data recorded on the card is the information of religious belief. With the help of computers, the Nazis in many countries accurately counted the Jews and sent them to concentration camps.

At this time, our hero will appear. His name is Ren é carmille, a member of the French underground resistance organization. He was lurking in the appeasement government of France at that time. He happened to work in the French demographic department. He knew computer technology. He hacked Nazi computers, tampered with the program used to register population information, so that the program would not record, that is, it would not record your religious belief.

This man with glasses is Ren é carmille

He did this for several years. At the end of the day, when the Nazis went to the French government for data and wanted to capture the Jews according to the data, they found that there was no record on the card of who the Jews were.

Of course, it was 1944 when it was discovered. It was not long before the fall of the Nazis. Unfortunately, Ren é carmille was killed by the Nazis.

In addition to what I just said, he used the method to make many Jews avoid the Nazis' killing. He used his work, demographic information and professional information. He also sent the information about all the veterans who had been soldiers to the French resistance organizations, so that when they recruited members, they could recruit them from the veterans with combat experience Collect.

Today, it may be hard to give a specific figure like Schindler's list of people, but we can compare the tragedies of other countries. In other countries, such as the Netherlands, more than two-thirds of the Jews in the country were sent to prison by Nazis and killed. In France, it's only a quarter. It's still tragic, but how many people have escaped the Nazis because of Ren é carmille.

So in the future, if someone asks you whether a hacker is a good person or a bad person, you can at least tell him that I can tell you that the first hacker in the world is a hero like Schindler. I have finished this heavy story, and the story I will tell next may make you feel better.

An episode in American history

In the big bang of life, there is an episode in which Sheldon takes out an instrument, which he is playing now. This instrument is very interesting. It has no strings or anything. When two hands make something to play in the air, the instrument makes a sound. Of course, the sound is not particularly beautiful. His roommates are annoyed.

The electronic principle of this piano is put in our view today. Any undergraduate who studies electronics or physics is better. The physics knowledge of high school is enough to explain the principle of this piano.

It was invented in 1928. As you know, the electronic tube was only made in 1906. At that time, in the very early stage of our electronic technology, someone made this thing. Its name is tremon, which was named after the former Soviet physical scientist Lev tremon who made him.

This was an advertisement in Boston (see the picture above). Truman took his Truman to play with you in the United States. There is a line of small words below which you may not see clearly. I can tell you that the time and price of playing are marked below. This ticket is different for children, women and adult men. The most expensive ticket for adult men is $2.50, and the cheapest is $1 for children.

You should know that the value of the dollar at that time is totally different from today's. I wonder if you have seen Roman holiday. In Roman holiday, the hero and heroine spent $1.50 a day playing in the street. So this thing was very sensational at that time, and everyone was willing to spend a lot of money to see it.

This is the U.S. U2 reconnaissance aircraft, which was sent to Pakistan's basawa air force base to investigate the Soviet Union. Because the United States and the Soviet Union were fighting Germany together in name at that time. Although it was a bit hard for the allies to say, we (the United States) were not afraid. Because the U2 reconnaissance aircraft was too high and fast, faster than all missiles at that time, and the missiles could not catch up with the aircraft, there was no evidence.

But in the end, the Soviets made missiles that could shoot down the U2 reconnaissance aircraft. On Labor Day in 1960, the Soviets shot down a U2 reconnaissance aircraft and could cry with evidence. At that time, Khrushchev went to Eisenhower and said that you must apologize. Of course, Eisenhower would not apologize.

The Soviet Union went to the UN Security Council again. At that time, the United States unhurriedly took out a thing, a wooden American national emblem, and told the story of the American national emblem. This is in 1945, when the victors just won over the Germans and gathered together, the KGB made a very beautiful sculpture of the national emblem of the United States, but there is something fishy in it.

They gave him to the ambassador of the United States to the Soviet Union. You think, you can take it without giving me a gift. For this thing, the American national emblem has made a very detailed inspection to confirm that it is safe.

The national emblem has been hung in the US embassy for eight years, and four US ambassadors have been replaced in eight years. The key American ambassador was very happy, because the national emblem was really beautifully made. It was not only hung in his office, but also felt that the decoration of the office did not match the national emblem. They brushed the whole office and changed the curtains to match the colors. Can imagine when Americans find the national emblem inside the cat tired of what kind of mood.

In fact, there is a gadget hidden in the national emblem. How to find it? It's not discovered by the Americans themselves. It's because the British radio operators overheard the voice of the American ambassador's office and reported it to the American ambassador. Then the embassy found out the problem. There must be a bug here. Finally, I found the cat greasy inside the national emblem.

When he found this thing, he knew there must be a problem, but he didn't know what it was. The Americans couldn't figure it out. Finally, the scientists from MI5 helped the Americans to analyze it. This thing looks like a metal device without any electronic components. It looks like a small can with a small tail in the back. But it has the ability to receive radio waves, then convert the energy of radio waves into the power it uses, and make the surrounding tone into radio waves, and then emit it. I'm not here today Yes.

Today, the RFID technology used in your mobile phone, your bus card, Beijing all in one card and the second generation ID card all come from the principle of that eavesdropper. There is no battery in your ID card. How can you work without battery when you swipe it? All from this.

Liv tremen

It was Lev tremen who helped the KGB build the bug. This story tells us that in the face of modern high-tech, the most important thing is to master the key technology. If you don't master the key technology, like Americans, you can't find it by yourself. If others find it, you don't know what it is.

This is a segment of a movie. This movie was made in 2001. It's an old movie today. But one of its descriptions of hackers is very classic today.

Just now, you can see that the little hacker in this bridge is facing the phone and blowing it with tin foil paper. You can use it to make a phone call for free forever. This bridge has been seen in TV and movies for many years and can tell you whether it is true or not. Just now, this is true and false, false and true.

There is a source. It's very simple for us to make a long-distance call casually today, but we know that we can only make a long-distance call directly in the 1970s. Before that, it was very difficult, and we need to rely on the operator to operate. This is a technology invented by at & T company, but there was no program-controlled switch at that time. It used a more local method, in fact, it was to trigger the relevant billing and connection information by transmitting high-frequency signals in the line.

In the picture, grandpa is the one who found the whistle. This whistle is a small toy given to children's breakfast food in the United States. When it is blown out, it will send out 2600 Hz audio. This audio can just bypass the restrictions of the long-distance dialing program of the telephone company. You can take up this whistle and blow it to the phone at that time to make a free long-distance call. It can't be done in today's telephone network, but we see this story It has its historical origin.

In fact, this technology was further developed, and more advanced electronic devices were made to achieve similar functions, which we call "blue box". In the second picture in the middle of the screen, the man in the red coat looks like the man in the solemn right lower corner is actually a man, Stephen Gary Wozniak, the man who founded Apple company with jobs. In those days, jobs worked with him in this matter.

Who is the hacker?

After all, who is the hacker? I just said that everyone has an idea in their heart. I often tell others who hackers are. Hackers are not heroes or thieves. Hackers are people who practice martial arts. There are good people and bad people, but they have a lot in common. We can see that he is a hacker. In fact, he is the maintainer of a very famous hacker tool in the world. He still maintains this tool and writes code to this day.

what's his name? His name is HD Moore. The world has the top ten bitcoin numbers, the first is Nakamoto, and the second is HD Moore. He has about 400000 bitcoins, equivalent to 27 billion yuan at the exchange rate this morning. I saw the content of his recent work, until October 24 this year he also submitted a code that he wrote. A man with 27 billion yuan is still doing this. All of you here want to think about whether I will still do what I do now if I have so much money.

So who is the hacker? Hackers are ordinary people who love technology very much.

okay, thank you.

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