black unicorn 2016 penetration training video course

Posted by millikan at 2020-03-19

0x0a.2016 beginners learn from 0 to pray 0x01 System section 1. Vmware12 install mac10.102 install CentOS of Linux 3. Install win10 operating system 4. Detect the back door of different kitchen knife shell 5. Crack the power on password of VMware virtual machine 6. Bypass kill software + monitor to obtain the server plaintext password 7. Set wireless route to achieve normal Internet access 8. Unplug the network cable of desktop computer to use wireless Internet 9. Complete installation of kali_2016.110. Specified blasting of non 3389 port terminal server

0x0b all kinds of CMS take shell explained in detail many methods of encountering different CMS take shell, and some of them also need to intercept the security dog through WAF! 1. Aspcms a. aspcms is manually injected in the background B. the foreground message is inserted in the background and the shell C. ASP ﹣ CMS kitchen knife cookies are inserted in the background and the shell D. aspcms2. X is inserted in the background homepage and the shell 2. NC rebound takes the shell 3. Phpweb a. phpweb resolution registration upload take the shell B. phpweb background resolution take the shell C. phpweb universal password into the background resolution take the shell D. phpweb injection upload getshell4. SiteServer CMS parsing upload take decompress take shell6. Taoke Empire cmscookie cheat getshell7. Website background insert a sentence take shell8. Easy enterprise CMS background parsing take shell9.maxcms a.maxcms background SQL parsing take shell b.maxcms background insert a horse take shell10. Dream dedecms A.9. Spooky Japanese dream website b.dedecms friendship link inject hack99 c.dedeems_v1.1 d. Dede looks for the account and password of the backstage website and takes the shell F. intruder and social worker take down the website construction company known as the largest enterprise in Hebei 11. Transfer + manual injection + shell12. Installation of common hacker tools a. Acunetix WVS installation tutorial b. Sqlmap + burpsuite installation 13. Taygod bulk take shell14. Isite enterprise building system take shell15. Dynamic dkcms take shell16. ECSHOP background take shell17. Ecmall background take shell18. Wanhu ezeip v2.0getshell19. DZ forum a.discuz! X3.0 uc_key take shell b.discuz! X3.1 pass kill take shell ignore security dog c.discuz_x3.2 pass kill take shell d.uc_key remote reset Forum password e. Black Unicorn's actual battle: Discuz! X3.1 plus security dog 4. X takes shell F. knowing UC password, taking database remotely 20. WordPress takes shell 21. Yxbbs for access, taking shell 22. Southern data a. Southern data background Editor takes shell B. Southern data enterprise background getshell u 0day C. exotic Southern data takes shell and dog 23. Website editor a. ckfinder takes shell B. EWEBEDITOR 5.5 analyzes and takes shell c. In this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of

0x0c shell power lifting praying course make sure that every day of practice, a different server power lifting method is not the same. It is rare on the Internet. This set of course also witnessed the dark mileage of praying From 2012-20161. From the invasion website to PR rights. 2. Port rights to shell rights. 3. Take the administrator's low rights as usual. 4. Shell breakthrough upload takes the server. 5. JSP intranet port forwarding rights. 6. Extraterrestrial virtual host 7i24 rights. 7. SA rights take the server. 8. ServU default overflow rights. 9. Strus2 vulnerability batch take the server. MySQL root Internal network rights 11. No need to mention 2008 server 12. Alternative rights of ASPX 13. Rights of IIS overflow 14. Solving rights terminal problem 15. Breaking through security dog's rights of shell 16. No participation in user-defined rights 17. NC rebound shell rights 18. Summary of rights of extraterrestrial rights 19. Ideas of raising 2008 server 20. Summary of shell rights class 21. Clever mention of a Korean server 22. Using shell download backdoor software to crack 23 24. N point 1.96 + MySQL + NC rebound shell rights for Jiyou MIS JSP server. 25. MySQL MOF wins the WAN cloud server. 26. Kitchen knife switch directory shell rights. 27. PHP alternative shell rights breakthrough remote group. 28. Extraterrestrial + MySQL + breakthrough remote login restrictions. 29. Breakthrough extraterrestrial ASPX security mode rights. 30. Hurricane panda exp second rights 2008 x64 server. 31. Php_shell rights 2003 64 bit server 32.ms15-051exp takes down 2008 64 bit server 33.aspx internal network mapping daily server 34. There is no readable and writable outside the satellite. Net through kill right 35. TeamViewer right kill internal network server

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