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The kcon hacking conference was held on August 26, 2016 in Kempinski Hotel in Beijing as scheduled for two days. The slogan of the kcon hacking conference is: gather the wisdom of hackers, and the theme of this conference is to explore and break everything. As the most important hacking conference in China, this conference brings 18 top-level hacking topics to warn the industry of sound security. This article summarizes the latest issues PPT to share with you.

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Topic: hacking cloud product

Author: Li Keyi ID: demon from alicloud - cloud platform security

Overview: from the perspective of hacker thinking, this paper analyzes the vulnerable points of multiple types of cloud products, how to break through the cloud boundary, and gives some examples of how to affect the security vulnerabilities of cloud products.

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Topic: operation and maintenance War intelligence of tower defense model landing

Author: Yao Wei ID: Uncle hacker p0tt1 Guangzhou early morning network technology Co., Ltd

Overview: when the defense tower model of deep defense is landing and docking for security operation and maintenance, threat intelligence comes out. Barrier border or prophet and silver bullet, the speaker will discuss the unique scene when tower defense model and security operation and maintenance encounter Threat Intelligence.

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Topic: reverse engineering Trilogy

Author: Liu Kairen ID: xwings team of vnsec

Overview: abandon the existing old tools and introduce the almost reverse standard software (capstone, unicorn, keystone) created by our team

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Topic: a wonderful journey of vmprotect

Author: he Xiaoxiao safety researcher of Beijing Yongxin Zhicheng Technology Co., Ltd

Overview: vmprotect is the most powerful virtualization protection technology at present. This topic will discuss the relevant background knowledge and design principle of virtualization protection, and demonstrate the restoration with a very popular client

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Topic: attack android app's third Library

Author: dragonltx & Quhe unlimit security team members mainly focus on Android security and vulnerability mining

Overview: this topic introduces vulnerability attacks and fuzzy methods against third parties of Android, and discusses solutions for developers.

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Subject: binder fuzzy based on drozer

Author: Xing Zhi ID: 0xr0ot security researcher's main research field is Android security and system vulnerability mining

Overview: first, we introduce the binder fuzzy model based on drozer, and then share several interesting Android system vulnerabilities. Finally, it introduces the common methods to exploit the system service vulnerability.

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Topic: hacking is everywhere

Author: Zhu Lijun ID: rabit2013 current head of CSO cloversec Labs

Overview: from the perspective of vulnerability mining, this paper introduces how to break through all kinds of Internet, including intelligent networking equipment, industrial control network, traffic network, etc.

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Topic: listening to the journey of wireless fuzzing

Author: kevin2600 insight labs member security analyst firmly believes that hacker spirit is to constantly explore unknown fields

Overview: this topic will involve the security analysis of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other common wireless communication protocols, bringing you to experience the journey of wireless fuzzing exploration in the opposite direction.

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Topic: advanced utilization technology of pseudo base station

The author: seeker's successive failure in entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur mentor, the angel investor who does not invest

Overview: This paper introduces the general situation of GSM, UMTS and LTE pseudo base stations, and how to use pseudo base stations to carry out man in the middle attack, fake mobile identity, intercept SMS, and complete the fast invasion of mobile phones and network accounts.

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Topic: Research on vulnerability analysis technology of network equipment

Author: Timo is a member of software security research group of Xinghua eternal Peking University

Overview: from the perspective of security researchers, this paper analyzes the variation of network device vulnerabilities, and shares the research methods of network device vulnerabilities such as Cisco ASA firewall and routing device through cases.

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Topic: care saw asked - IOT security in Cyberspace

Author: Yan Zhaoteng ID: PPPrince research assistant of Institute of information engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Overview: decrypt the fast search technology and fingerprint extraction method of Internet of things equipment in cyberspace, and analyze the trend division of global networking equipment. Finally, I will show you the world through the 0day vulnerability.

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Topics: perception, entrapment, intelligence, collaboration: Threat Intelligence of cyberspace industrial control system

Author: Director of Kimon lighthouse Laboratory

Overview: this topic will be based on the new battleground of cyberspace attack and defense - industrial control system, kick out threat perception entrapment and analyze and display the intrusion behaviors captured by the system.

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Topic: years of passion against botnet attack and defense

Author: security researcher of b1t Hunter attack and Defense Laboratory

Overview: mainly about the experience of attack and defense confrontation with Botnet, including identification, monitoring, some technology sharing of anti Botnet, as well as the case introduction of a black industrial chain of Botnet.

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2016 kcon ppt package download: access password d3d7