taiwan media: cia publishes 13 million pages of declassified documents including ufo witness reports

Posted by fierce at 2020-03-19

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently officially released 800000 and 13 million pages of decrypted documents in the Bureau, and scanned the documents online for global readers to read and use. The contents of this important file can be described as various and all inclusive. From the 800 serious cold war, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, or the spy and intelligence war between the United States and the Soviet Union, to UFOs and aliens that are still a mystery, they can find "answers" in the CIA files.

Taiwan's Central Intelligence Agency released more than 13 million pages of declassified documents to the public and put them on the Internet for use by readers and researchers around the world, China time electronic news reported on January 19, citing British media. In fact, these all inclusive declassified files were authorized by former President Clinton in 1995 and officially released in 2000, but in the past, they were limited to the National Archives in Maryland The use and inquiry of computers, as well as the strict restrictions on the scope of publication and use of scholars and journalists, will enable the academic community and the public to have a further "understanding" of the world in the last century.

The 800000 CIA documents include UFO witness reports, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's research reports, many military reports during the Korean War and Vietnam War, as well as the intelligence spy exchanges between the two powers of the United States and the Soviet Union in Europe during the cold war. The overall report of the famous "operation gold" is in these files. "These files represent all the history of the CIA, good and bad, here," said Heather Fritz horniak, a spokesman for the CIA, who made the documents available online. "

As early as 2014, when the documents were not publicly available on the Internet, there was a free journalist organization, muckrock. According to the freedom of Information Act, the CIA was required to fully open the archives and allow the outside world to use and publish them, which was rejected by the authorities. However, despite the fact that the CIA, known as the "whole history" spread in the eyes of the outside world, is still classified as the top secret, or the archives that may endanger national security remain out of the sun and cannot be read. But with the release of the treasure house, it may be able to solve more unknown mysteries for the academic community and the public.