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Posted by deaguero at 2020-03-19

There are many barbecue applications that collect information beyond channels and only RSS, but football information is not only news from newspapers and magazines. · twitter blogs, youtube, Nicole's fairy tales, and websites that do not transmit RSS. I want to confirm all the information. The day after Segan won, I want to confirm all the information. I want to share my feelings with my fans. The J League news on TV is very simple, Web search and other troubles. Web also responds to the voice that everyone wants to get J League news. Players, team news and videos, You have released the official information to the voice of fans. · you can view the personal information sent by multiple website channels at any time. · the decision version of social news iPad and culture application that has no news so far!

● other groups of information can also confirm video, twitter and related website information in the news received, which is a special investigation application. The content is very rich! Because it is team specific software, it can be hidden in 124.5 I want to know about the football industry. · in response to this request, we can easily access the dedicated applications of each group. Not only is the trend of saigen, the other group and fans, but also the information of the competition group is in the land. · in addition, the application of J League Information network!

● when displaying excellent writing web pages, text data will be loaded, turning pages will become brittle, page movement is a label, and Swife gesture corresponds to everything. It realizes comfortable operability. · for busy you, it also carries "curious" articles, and finally arranges the fixed (clip) function. · because of this function, you can rest assured when there is no time. Don't miss the information!

● pick up popular news! ·Applications that get personal information from multiple websites or channels. · while huge amounts of information are increasingly available, some people say they don't need anything. Of course, I won't miss it. Users of the app will only pick up "curious" tagged articles. · read only popular articles are also very interesting!

Android OS 4.1 and above - this app does not guarantee action in all smartphones and tablets.