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Posted by deaguero at 2020-03-19

SSDB is a high performace key-value(key-string, key-zset, key-hashmap) NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis. SSDB is stable, production-ready and is widely used by many Internet companies including QIHU 360. Features LevelDB client-server support, written in C/C++ Designed to store collection data Persistent key-value, key-zset, key-map('hashmap'), key-list storage Redis clients are supported Client API supports including C++, PHP, Python, Cpy, Java, nodejs, Ruby, Go(see all) Persistent queue service Replication(master-slave), load balance GUI administration tool(phpssdbadmin) Built-in CLI nagios self-checks PHP client API example More... Who's using SSDB? SSDB users... Documentation View online Contribute to SSDB documentation project Compile and Install See Compile and Install wiki Performance Typical performance Total 1000 requests.

writeseq : 0.546 ms/op 178.7 MB/s writerand : 0.519 ms/op 188.1 MB/s readseq : 0.304 ms/op 321.6 MB/s readrand : 0.310 ms/op 315.0 MB/s ========== set ========== qps: 44251, time: 0.226 s ========== get ========== qps: 55541, time: 0.180 s ========== del ========== qps: 46080, time: 0.217 s ========== hset ========== qps: 42338, time: 0.236 s ========== hget ========== qps: 55601, time: 0.180 s ========== hdel ========== qps: 46529, time: 0.215 s ========== zset ========== qps: 37381, time: 0.268 s ========== zget ========== qps: 41455, time: 0.241 s ========== zdel ========== qps: 38792, time: 0.258 s

Run on a 2013 MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina display. Architecture Windows executable Download ssdb-server.exe from here: SSDB library for iOS

make ios # ls ios/ include/ libleveldb-ios.a libsnappy-ios.a libssdb-ios.a libutil-ios.a

Drag the static libraies files into your iOS project. Then add ios/include to your iOS project's Header Search Paths, which is set in Build Settings.