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Posted by fierce at 2020-03-20

Most commonly, regular payments are automatic transactions that take effect at the time of subscription on a preset date. Other main situations of using recurring payments include membership, utilities, online courses, etc. Most urgently, because they are repeat transactions, they work according to the previously set schedule instructed by the client.

As business models flourish around the world, there is a need to simplify the billing process. Regular payments make it easy for businesses and customers to do business. As a start-up company, it is very difficult for your company to have repeat customers who have been paying for your goods or services.

In fact, within the scope of business services, recurring payments are inevitable. As a consumer, you must approve recurring payments at a certain point in time.

Let's take a look at what I want to suggest with an illustration.

Leading streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and spotify enable customers to pay for their monthly plans. Likewise, the software company allows you to reuse the company at any time when your package expires. This subscription based model is surprisingly central.

How recurring payments work

Mastering all transactions of any business or subscription in the bill is by no means a demanding process. For business people, seize the necessary authorization from your customers.

The ACh payment you ordered, in particular, is very secure, as are all noteworthy payment processors.

After synchronizing the card details, the processor requests regular payments for the same transactions. If you've used an app like PayPal, square or stripe, you really know what I mean.

Spoiler alarm!

So, as you know, we'll cover these payment processors in full in this guide and learn how each payment processor handles periodic payments. Put it in context, and if you are a merchant, you need an all inclusive solution to accept periodic payments. Because it's an automated process, the processor can run all the tasks effortlessly.

Suppose you want to charge customers on a regular basis, for example, on a monthly basis, and the payment processor is designed to invoice customers based on the corresponding scheduled deadline.

But before you jump into any popular processor at will, it's wise to analyze your terrible business needs. So far, every solution in the market has some professional tools to get your deal on track.

Regular payment for invoice

This mode is automated in the same way as other mainstream payment channels. Using invoice based technology, once the authorization request is processed successfully, the system will debit the customer's debit card or credit card. It sounds simple. It can be said that this has nothing to do with quantum physics.

But not all processors are robust enough to support such a transaction. By saving the customer's first invoice information for future payments, you can provide an impeccable solution.

As long as the previous transaction is successfully completed, all subsequent transactions are effortless. The role of the processor is to automatically approve all new invoices. Typically, when you pay an invoice, the system updates the status to settled or paid. This systematically reflects all your reports (merchants and customers).

So who should use invoice based periodic payments? Let's take a look.

How to make regular payments for online business?

Well, you have to realize that recurring fees are very prominent here. There is no doubt that the proportion of online member services is quite large at present.

This is a real scenario.

Therefore, if you are assumed to make an online software purchase or more accurately sign up for a social club membership program, then online recurring payments will take effect for all subsequent payments.

What is the cost of regular payments?

Basically, almost everything that's worth and convenient comes at a price. You have to know that very well. The same is true for recurring payment processors. In any case, it's not that much. According to the details of the facts, the processing fee of each recurring payment usually only accounts for a small part of the total transaction amount.

Most of these processors require anything from 1.5 to 3.5 percent between you, plus a few cents. In fact, processors are like squares that allow you to process all transactions without any monthly fee.

Other payment solutions that work in the same way are stripes and accounting experts, QuickBooks payments. You just need to sort out the transaction costs.

In contrast, other payment processors have a way of significantly deviating from this formula. Take PayPal, like our example. Compared to the tools listed above, this amazing merchant account provider has a lower rate, but the problem is that it comes with a monthly rental

Which one should you go to? Before you do that, you need to do some quick math and find out which payment model is a little loose on your business expenses. Of course, a lot depends on whether your settings are more invoice based or business-related.

What's more decisive and critical is the profit or, in other words, the feasible revenue that each recurring payment solution is ready to put on the table. For this reason, we need to conduct an in-depth review of some of the mainstream recurring payment solutions and separately understand the comparison between each solution and competitors.

2019's leading regular payment processor

I need you to see this part as a refined blueprint or, if you like, the catalog you need to know as the best and best payment processor on the market. At the end of the detailed analysis, you will learn how each approach matches your unique requirements.

Whether you are a business or a customer, here is a general breakdown of the processing fees and the additional fees for each periodic payment to speed up your transaction.

Pay line data: regular payment solution

To a large extent, the pay line looks like a reputable alternative, using itself as an advanced payment processor for all recurring bills. For example, if you run an e-commerce subscription business,

I suggest you try pay line data.

Here are my reasons:

Payline has a unique subscription settlement model for merchants to use. With this, your online card processing tasks will certainly not encounter any restrictions. At the same time, the gateway provides you with space to use three different periodic billing options;

If you are a business at the enterprise level, the modifiable option is the only solution you expect for the transaction. As the name suggests, this program allows you to make the various adjustments you need. For further clarification, the gateway stores your spreadsheet template and all subsequent pending transactions and performs the same operation in a batch.

Pay line pricing

Because this kind of regular payment processor spreads over so many industries, subscription based merchant services, etc., it provides users with customizable pricing mode. Although there is no cancellation fee, payline retains its policy as a PCI compatible processor.

Obviously, your monthly fee depends on the average transaction, the cumulative processing volume and the way you accept your customer's credit card. If this sounds a little fuzzy, you can hang it on payline's online calculator and accurately calculate the monthly processing costs.

The best part of this merchant account provider is to charge a fee to balance the odds exchange fee through large credit cards, such as visa, discover and MasterCard.

Now, that's what businesses need to know.

If the customer swipes the credit card in person, the payment line will charge 0.2% or $0.10 for each transaction. If there is no physical card to swipe, you will only give up 0.3% for the entire transaction.

If you manage recurring ACh payments, this processor requires only 4% of the entire transaction. The good news is that there is no monthly fee. Sometimes, ACh payments can be confusing for most businesses. For this reason, payline provides professional account support to its customers in order to eliminate any future or existing disasters.

Pay line term payments: key benefits

So why should I sleep for payline? This is a very simple question any business will ask. The solution primarily improves the security status of all its transactions and allows you to further expand as the business moves toward a larger list of subscriptions; for example, if it runs on such a model.

Secondly, for the above content, it is an instant integration with powerful applications to guide all businesses to achieve their expected goals. So if I am an online business, how can I integrate it with the shopping cart in the store?

Let me give you an executive summary of exactly what this recurring payment processor is synchronizing with.

In the absence of any hard work, payline has integrated sales channels, such as prestashop and MAG of voice, Shopify, woocommerce, intuit QuickBooks, 3dcart, and there are numerous examples.

In order to adjust its function more clearly, I must give so much trust to its virtual terminal. It is very proficient and can help almost all businesses to do their daily work in different niche markets. As any potential user would expect, the virtual terminal of the pay line has access to invoice recurring services with descriptive settlement options through this bill. As a result, you can create a smooth schedule for all scheduled payments.

Regular payment for Plaza

You have to know that Plaza is a well-known boss with the largest share in the business account processing industry. Because I don't want to sound superfluous by praising it with something you may be aware of, I'll get to know directly what's relevant to today's topic.

How square handles recurring payments

Square, as an excellent, cloud based or locally installed POS system, will not surprise you. It can handle all your credit card transactions excellently and manage any type of industrial level recurring payment accordingly. Square impressed me with the Setup Guide, which shows new users about how to configure recurring payments.

Square complies with all PCI rules by law for security reasons. Understand and ensure that your customer's credit card information is always safe. If the merchant charges the customer through the invoice, square's system will push the link notification with the necessary information form to the customer.

A card (COF) on which data is stored securely on a file. This is the brain behind the transaction initiated by invoice. This process runs in real time and automatically generates reports that will be sent to the customer "paid" invoices as evidence of all of you. For those with in store stores, you can help your customers with the help of POS system or mobile dashboard.

So let's reduce the chase. That's why you need to think deeply about Grand Plaza as your feature rich recurring payment provider;

But it's a disgusting obstacle

Unfortunately, square is not the right tool to handle ACh or paypal payments.

Square pricing of each sales transaction

Considering the other processors on this list, it's clear that square's pricing is a little behind. On the other side of the picture, square is going down, an indestructible regular payment processor for businesses running the bricks and clicks business model.

Square Recurring Payments:Bottomline

If you are looking for online recurring payment processors, plazas, as with other traditional solutions, you may need to take advantage of regular transactions in the future. It has a smooth learning curve and a solid foundation of customer relationship management (CRM).

If you're new to square's dashboard, the good news is that you don't have to bungee around to set everything up. The processor interacts with its users in a systematic and efficient manner.

As with other insightful payment tools, square uses an invoice based method to send periodic bills to customers, depending on the exchange rate. If any additional fees need to be attached to the invoice, the Plaza will charge the customer a separate transaction or include the same space in the preset recurring fee.

Depending on your priority, you have two options. In addition to regular transactions, square also provides businesses with a skilled infrastructure, and their interests are more focused on the store. This is a convenient solution for online stores dealing with mobile transactions. Unlike other recurring payments, square charges less for other major actions.

If you operate any type of retail business, whether small or large, square's POS system can meet all your requirements. It updates you with the daily sales report, allowing you to automatically import and synchronize your ad resources with your mobile point of sale. If you run a mid tier business setup, use it as the most common and cracked system for your recurring billing needs.

PayPal regular payment

We have to admit that PayPal plays like an elite payment processor in many ways. Amazon, e-bay and, most recently, Alibaba and PayPal, the payment providers of e-commerce giants' merchant account services, will also show the same results as regular payments.

It gives a lot of things, not from online businesses. So what's the use of this tool? You may want to know.

Well, let me briefly introduce:

Up to now, PayPal does not guarantee exclusive security and a stable platform for ACh initiated payments and electronic checks.

PayPal Business Pricing Model

PayPal charges a monthly fee ($30) because merchants need to have a virtual portal or upgrade to the payments Pro program. The latter costs the same as owning a virtual terminal.

If you happen to be in the trend of e-commerce, PayPal offers competitive prices and meaningful perks to mark it in your online store and seamlessly integrate it with the popular 3rd party shopping cart salesforce's, Vickers, Shopify, woocommmmece and bigcommerce

In addition, it synchronizes with accounting tools such as QuickBooks and QuickBooks. To be exact, PayPal's online invoice system will never go wrong. Don't forget that its recurring transaction costs are lower than its rival square.

How PayPal runs your recurring payments.

In the way of implementation, PayPal's support system actively guides all potential users how to utilize their recurring payment services. In addition, it has detailed tutorials on how to make the most of its perfectly synchronized e-commerce checkout options.

To complete the regular payment configuration, you only need to;

PayPal regular payment: last words

With regard to regular payments, PayPal creates a reasonable possibility for customers to use their personal accounts when they need to pay merchant services via credit or debit cards.

In addition, PayPal has become one of the most desired payment services for many online customers.

Stripe repeat charge

Stripes is an active competitor with the ability to compete with powerful tools like PayPal. Like the latter, it is a highly respected regular payment processor that can handle online invoices, subscription based transactions, and various online member services.

Look at its flexible features;

Stripe term payment: Pricing

From these figures, the way stripe charges is more suspicious of PayPal than most of its competitors include. Even if there is no monthly fee, the processor still manages its regular payment service in a certain way.

The downside is that if you are an online merchant, you need to share the main PayPal payment method because stripe does not currently support such payments.

How stripe recycling payments work

In simple English terms, stripes seem to be a suitable solution, integrated with e-commerce sales channels, to maintain important customer authentication processes while processing batch periodic payments.

In fact, woocommerce is highly recommended as one of the most robust checkout options. Its automatic integration with multiple online stores allows merchants to collect subscription payments and send invoices via buttons.

Using stripe to include pop-up subscriptions or membership buttons is easy. Thank you very much for completing the integration of the task. With this feature, you can adjust the target page of the website to get more benefits from potential visitors.

According to experience, stipe is solemnly a PCI compatible processor. Therefore, you do not need to worry about security vulnerabilities. Your customer's credit card information is securely stored in stripe's virtual vault.

Once the regular transaction is successfully effective in accordance with the payment plan, a real-time notification will be sent to the customer via email.

Stripe term payment: is this alternative beneficial?

For businesses and customers, it is clearly a skilled recurring payment processor. First of all, it doesn't have a monthly fee. Unlike PayPal, you need to pay $40 a month. Closely related to this, stripe connects to other online payment processors, including PayPal.

However, stripe knows nothing about the retail POS system. It's about the depleted part of it.

Intuit QuickBooks regular payments

I know you must have heard of this perfect accounting tool. Surprisingly, QuickBooks is also a multitasker who has been deprived. It processes recurring payments like the above processor.

So let's look at the basics;

Intuit QuickBooks recurring payments: Pricing

As mentioned above, QuickBooks for the pricing structure depends strictly on the type of plan you want. At present, businesses can use the mobile or desktop version of the software.

In particular, the first plan did not have a monthly rental fee, but it was more expensive. So let's look at each interest rate;

Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks desktop options

My quick tips?

I suggest you do some economies of scale to see which plan suits your business settings. This will accurately help you understand which package charges less for processing.

How QuickBooks operate your operations

It has a safe vault, just like its peers. With just one click of the button, QuickBooks sends invoices and sales receipts to all subscribed customers at the exact scheduled time.

If you are new to this payment processor, you can use its setup guide as your partner and do your work in a convenient way. In addition, QuickBooks has a 'make recycling' option. You just need to click the button. it 's nothing. Because your customer needs to approve recurring debits, QuickBooks generates a resource rich authorization form that the customer fills in.

QuickBooks recurring payments: what are the significant benefits?

As a popular accounting software, it is obvious that QuickBooks will classify your payments in a commercial way. Don't forget that it is absolutely integrated with almost all e-commerce sales channels.

Winding up

Before choosing a regular payment processor, it's always wise to be clear about your business interests. If none of this suits your business, then you can check with other players, such as chargebee paysimple, who are equally good at recurring transactions.

These tools are convenient for start-ups and businesses that need to scale. Each has a variety of pricing models for sending invoices, repeat transactions, such as membership, subscription sales and other tasks. What you need to do is find out what you need as a business. It's that simple.